Fjellene Walla Walla Mixed Red (5)

Fjellene Walla Walla Mixed Red Random 5-Pack
$64.99 $178.00 63% off List Price
Your 5-Pack will include Five (5) Bottles randomly chosen from the selections below. The decision of which you get will be made by the winery.
2010 Cabernet Sauvignon, Walla Walla Valley
2009 Eastern Approach Red Wine, Walla Walla Valley
2010 Eastern Approach Red Wine, Columbia Valley
2009 West Fork Red Wine, Walla Walla Valley
2010 West Fork Red Wine, Walla Walla Valley
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I’ve only sampled the Cabernet Sauvignon from the last time this collection appeared on Woot! However, for $13 plus Woot’s eminently reasonable tax/shipping, if I had the space, I’d order more.

The Cabernet has a nice complexity, not too much vanilla/oak or fruit, with a smooth finish that one might expect from a more aged wine. It definitely benefited from breathing for at least an hour.

Seems like everyone’s trying to figure this out too, so let me be the dope who asks:

So it’s possible to get duplicates, triplicates, quadruplicates, or even…(drumroll)…(trumpet fanfare)…(cymbal crash okay you know where I’m going here.

And could this be the end of the Fjelline wines once and for all? Or will there be enough for the next woot-off?

All from the town with great wine, flower pots on its lampposts, an empty tasting room at 1050 Merlot Drive and FREE TWO HOUR PARKING…

Stay tuned.

I’m sure it’s possible to get duplicates. I ordered 2 sets of the random bag in August and got the same 5 wines twice. Even though there were 12 different bottles listed as possibilities.

I’ve replied about these wines/winery before. And yes, 1050 Merlot Drive is empty and for sale if one were inclined to make some wine in the valley. If anyone has a few questions, feel free to PM me. Yes, the town does offer 2hr free parking. Just don’t be 2hrs + 1min.

I bought a couple of sets of the (entirely) mixed red on their first offering, and another from the Woot Plus offering. A good deal if you don’t mind the random selection.

I agree that in my experience they all seem to do better with breathing time, especially the higher-alcohol years and the Eastern Approach bottles.

My favorites are the West Fork 2010 and the Cab. The Eastern Approach wines seemed a little rougher to me, maybe because of the larger proportion of Cabernet Franc; I liked the 2010 better than the 2009, though.

A couple of nights ago I made chili and included about a cup of wine - the 2009 Eastern Approach. When I uncorked the bottle I had a small sip and thought it tasted sharp and vegetal. I left the bottle open while the chili cooked, and then served it with dinner - and it tasted like an entirely different wine, much more subdued and smooth.

I wish the wines I had bought off the Plus a few weeks ago were here. I’d know whether to get more.

Oh man this is some good juice, I have six bottles right now, but for the price and quality I’m guessing I’m in for more, just have to figure how many and where to put them. If you like big reds, you can’t go wrong with this offer.

I’m having a bit of a love affair with Fjellene. I’ve ordered 45 bottles of their wine so far and I’ve loved all of them (except 1 bottle that had gone bad (whatever, it happens)). My wife is an even bigger fan of their wines; for a while I couldn’t get her to drink anything else.

I don’t have a lot of notes but we’ve served them in blind tastings at our house and they’ve all been well received. Great QPR.

These wines are quite yummy!

Any staff wanna update This Sale so the items indicate they are sold out on the main page?

Real dearth of new england shippable wines lately. C’mon- Maine and NH both loosened their laws, you guys in Cali just need to sign up and register so you can ship!

I just added a set to my cart no problem.

Not on that plus deal you didn’t…

Yeah. Just realizes that was a hyperlink. I fail.

Last Wooter to Woot:fredrinaldi

I’m weak :slight_smile:

For the first time ever in my many years of wine wooting, I was the “first sucker”! Yaaa. I’ve never had their wines but usually like those from WA.

I did get a chuckle about “summer shipping”- it was 36 degrees and snowing here in Colorado !

Gonna be pushing 100 in SoCal tomorrow. Can we strike an average?

I popped in for another 10 bottles tonight after drinking the 2009 Eastern. I really like Cab Franc, so this works for me. Great value.