Flaaashlights / Ha da da dee da hada hada da da

Who’d like to light up the forums with a review of some of these returning favorites?

I love flashlights and have a bunch. I bought the rogue 2 not expecting much for the price. All I can say is wow! Worth 3 times as much! Solid built aluminum and nice white even throw of the bulb. The 2 modes are nice as well. The low is good for finding your way around without blinding people camping etc. the bright is quite powerful, comparable to surefire or Fenix 90 watt or so. brighter that my 60 watt surefire. my understanding is that this is a sister brand of surefire. It’s the same quality or maybe a bit better. My only complaint would be that it is a little large and long for only 2 AA. I use it to carry at night when I walk the dog and as a general house light and it’s perfect for that. It’s substantial enough to use as a defense tool. Overall highly recommended!

I second that on the Rogue 2. I love mine. Very bright and it feels great in your hand.

I got the ICON Link Carabiner CREE LED Flashlight last time and it’s awesome. The light is nice and bright. I’ve used it more around the house to locate things that have ‘gone missing’ then anything else so far, but that is because it easily hooks on my pack and is easier to find then the ones floating around the house.

I just got the Rogue 1 and Rogue 2 (2 of each reallyl). I do like them for the price of $10 and $13. I’m not sure if I’d like them at the full retail. It’s got that outer skeleton which kind of makes you wonder about the needed sizes of these flashlights but I guess making it bigger makes it easier to hold. They’re aluminum so they’re light.

The 2 is good to leave around the house or car for emergencies and the 1 is good in your bag or whatever. It’s a little too big to put in your pocket.

The button goes - on high power, off, on low power as opposed to on high power, low power, off.

One thing that’s different from other button on the tail flashlights is that there is no tail cap. Only the top with the bulb screws off. If you want to “turn off” the flashlight to make sure the flashlight doesn’t accidental turn on, you loosen the flashlight head. I think my concern is that if the on-off button goes bad, you can’t simply replace it or even get to it to fix. It’s gone. Or Maybe you can service it by pulling the rubber cover off.

Thanks for the review. I wish you or Woot! had included some VERY important specs noted for all the other lights.

From Siri-zon: “Light output: 50/6 lumens Runtime: 3/70 hours Length: 4 inches Weight: 3.1 ounces”

Curious about this part: Can you leave it off in the position right before “on low power”? Or does it eventually revert to the position before “on high power”?

I’m pretty sure it reverts to the position before high power, at least my Rogue 2 does.

Like the Rogue 2, it reverts to high power when off for more than a few seconds. If you’ve had it off for a bit, the first setting will always be high power.

For the rogue 2, fix the last picture or send me my lanyard because one or the other is a mistake.

The Rogue 2 works very well and it is very bright when on high. I got two last time and this time I am in for three more. The green one is actually really a cool color. They would make great gifts.

Bought 2 of the rogue 2s for the good ole hurricane kit. I have fenix, surefire, and pentagon lights already. It will be nice to see how these compare.

I fell for that also. I have all of these flash lights and only the Rogue 1 comes with the lanyard. These are all great lights, bright white light, some more focused than others. The Modus 1 and 2 are a little lighter since they are plastic, but just as high quality. You cant go wrong with any of them. I may buy more of them for gifts!

i have the purple headlamp. works great. love that it is removable instantly, for use as a handheld flashlight.

The headband is very, very comfortable and easily adjustable.

great product for the price.

The Modus 2 I got last time had issue with the plastic being broken at the threading so beware. It seems as if the light cap was over torqued from factory and broke it but it wasn’t realized and packaged. It will sometimes work but I’d get the Rogue 2 and not worry about the plastic housing breaking.

I assume none of these have a natural colored light?

Aren’t those ICON models just a tad over-designed??

Yes. Whichever setting would come next will always be what comes next. It doesn’t revert. If you leave it ready for high power, it will be high power, etc.

I’ve used a decent Fenix, and I have all of these Icon lights, they do not compare, in the least. Yet, they are about 20% of the price, and probably 1/3 as good - so in price per output they aren’t shabby.