Flameless LED Candles

We received similar candles for Christmas (not sure if they’re the same brand), and absolutely love them. Unless they’re sitting on a low surface, such as a coffee table, you would never know they aren’t real, since they’re made of real wax. The flames flicker just like the real thing. The best part is the self-timer, so you don’t even have to remember to turn them off!

Actually, I notice the 14 pc set doesn’t mention a shut-off timer like the carved ones. Does that mean they don’t have that capability? I bought one set of each, either way. But I hope they do, because it’s a great feature!

Yippeee! I just realized the carved candles put me at my 100th Woot! purchase! Thought I’d never make it, what with the carpy deals they’ve been having lately (and way out of my price range, I might add).

I bought 3 sets of the carved candles in a prior sale and gave one set to my mom and one to my aunt for Christmas – they loved them! The carved ones are very pretty, look really nice when lit up, and are VERY vanilla-y! Had to take the candles out of the original packaging to re-box for shipment to aunt and hoo-boy! VANILLA! Smells nice, though. :slight_smile:

I have and love two sets of the carved candles – now minus one candle that I sent home with my MIL after Christmas because she kept talking about how wonderful they were. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the shipping charge to grab another set for her birthday in July.

As the batteries wear down, the candles get pretty dim, though they do continue to turn on and off on schedule. With only 4 hours of burn time per day, one set of batteries lasts months. I have another brand of LED candle that burns for 8 hours and is a battery hog. I prefer these.

I noticed the vanilla scent a lot for the first couple of weeks after opening. After that it dies down until it’s barely noticeable unless you walk right up to the candle.

The diameter of these candles is quite large. It can be difficult to find candle holders. I got a really basic candle plate from Hobby Lobby for more utilitarian areas (the shelf in the hallway) and more elaborate lotus plates from World Market for the living room, but my favorite is a candle stick/stand from Pier One in my bedroom. Unfortunately, I got that years ago and haven’t been able to find another that fits.

according to the features in the 14-piece set, these are “Perefect for wedding receptions”

perefect for anything, really.

Has anyone else got a wild imagination like I do apparently, and can see the alien peering out of the 6" pillar candles in the second picture? Only the one candle on the lower left of the four. Kind of like he’s resting his chin in the palms of his hands…looking out.
And “No” I’m not nuts, on drugs or drink. :slight_smile:

The carved candles happen to be my favorite candles of all time. I’d take those over bath and body works candles any day of the week. Hands down, the best!

I have the carved candles. Since these don’t get hot and circulate air, the vanilla scent it subdued and only noticeable when I am within a few feet of them.

They have a timer mode, so I haven’t turned them off or on in weeks.

I have the gold tea lights. I’ve used them in a decorative hanging lantern type thingy.
I leave them on 24/7 and they go for 3-4 days before the light dims noticeably.

My 4-in. carved candles are set to light at 6:00 p.m. and remain lit for hours. I display mine in pairs, on two tables in my great room, and they are beautiful. Ordering more today to have on hand as gifts. The patterns show up especially well when room lights are dim. I honestly didn’t notice a vanilla scent, but real candles and room sprays from Pier One give that effect. I’ve had these since November, and just changed the batteries recently. Pretty good battery life, imo. Safe for the dog, as well. Thanks, Woot.

[QUOTE=JRRB, post:6, topic:376326]
I have and love two sets of the carved candles – now minus one candle that I sent home with my MIL after Christmas because she kept talking about how wonderful they were. I’m trying to decide if it’s worth the shipping charge to grab another set for her birthday in July.

C’mon, JRRB, spring for the $5 on the shipping for these lovely candles. What an easy way to be golden in the eyes of your MIL, whom I assume is mother-in-law, and you’ll have a gift ready for the birthday. You will be looking all over for a nicer gift at this reasonable price. IMO,just do it.

Like others, I got three of these from a previous Woot (carved six-inch). Gave one to mom and one to mom-in-law (and kept a set). They have run just about everyday since Christmas and the provided batteries are still going strong. Gotta love LEDs! The vanilla scent is mild. We leave one in the bathroom as a nightlight and it’s the perfect amount of light. The timer is awesome. It goes off after 5 hours and comes back on at whatever time you turned it on originally. The flicker is natural and not uniform. I’m a little worried about damaging the wax, as these will never burn up like a disposable candle. All in all a fantastic purchase. May have to buy 3 more!

I found a gr8 way to pollute. instead of recycling a piece of aluminum, now I get to throw CR2032 batteries.

I kind of want to give a set of flameless candles to a pyromaniac just to watch them be frustrated.

So some of these have auto on/off timers and some don’t?

Aren’t the CR2032 [replacement]batteries a tad pricey?


Yes, I meant my mother-in-law. That’s what I love about Woot; you guys are a bunch of enablers. :slight_smile: