Flash! Flash! I need help with Flash!

Flash! Flash!

I’ve been planning to enter the Threadless contest recently, and noticed that you apparently ought to be conversant with Flash in order to make your entry more competitive.

While my crappy old version of Corel Draw (v 12) can save a *.SWF file, I can’t put in links, etc.
This means I can’t make an entry that will switch between views like the new popular entries do.

Can anyone point me to a good Freeware Flash program they like that will allow me to do that kind of thing?


Did you consider changing the name of the thread? So that you get someone, other than die hard post whores that read everything , to read it?

To save you some time, there isn’t really a good freeware flash program. I recommend finding an older version of flash to buy. They are cheap and should be more than adequate.

Josephus, check the first page of the product thread from today. A guy has duct tape man in his sig line!


I’ve been trying to find the same thing. Let me know if you have any luck with anything.