FLASH: Studds, 1st I love you! congressman dies. Was 69.


I heard a news report on the radio driving into work today (yeah, I know it’s not the greatest job: not getting weekends off, but I really enjoy the work & the pay is good) and heard the above broadcast.

The 1st openly gay member of Congress was 69 when he died?

Like, was this someone’s idea of a joke?


Massachusetts native, here.

I was old enough to remember when Gerry Studds announced he was gay. You may remember it became scandal when he had sex with a 17 year old page. Sound familiar?

Gerry Studds on wikipedia.org.

Did you know? “Gerry Studds is the namesake of his ancestor Elbridge Gerry, vice-president under James Madison and a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Massachusetts.” source.