FlashForge 3D Printer + Filament Bundle

I would much rather see an affordable (read: cheap) desktop CNC machine instead. Call me a misfit (everyone else does), but I could find more uses for that than I could/can for a 3d printer…

I agree, there are some things you can do with addative that you can’t do with subtractive machining, but I don’t think I’ve run into them yet.

What do you consider to be cheap? And what are you considering doing?

Unless you have the money and space for a CNC milling machine or dealing a lot with wood I think a 3D printer is an excellent tool. I would love a milling machine but outside of the extreme cost and general size subtractive machining is often very messy. I currently use my 3D printer for design/prototype testing before the designs are sent off to the shop and using PLA I can do it just fine within the comfort of my home office.

Personally I would love to see a CNC plasma setup. That’s my next goal.

All of the descriptions state that the filament color is blue, even though the pictures are of red, black, and white in addition to blue. If I order the one with a photo of red filament, am I still going to get blue?

You get the color noted in the photo and title. Sorry about that.

Ya, the “messy” would love to have cnc router, mill, plasma cutter, but not desk top. desk top Printer would be a nice toy

I am having an issue with this FlashForge Creator that I just purchased and finally am setting up.

It is listed as a “new” item, but all the signs are telling me that this is a “refurbished” item. The wood frame is filthy with fingerprint dirt where someone would normally come in contact with the printer, and when I installed the filament, it came out red/orange first. That means it was used before.

I am hoping this thing works without a hitch or I am raising the biggest stink about this sale!