FlashForge Creator ABS/PLA 3D Printer

I purchased one of these 1 year ago…They didnt have good english customer service and I still see no website listed under specs. So I assume this is still status QUO.
Mine is for sale if you want one though!

I’ve had one of these for about two years. It is a clone of the MakerBot Replicator Dual - the last of MakerBot’s open source printers. The nice thing about this printer vs say, the Flashforge Dreamer, is that since this one is a clone of MakerBot’s Replicator you can use their MakerWare software with it.

I have never had it jam - never. It prints beautifully in ABS or PLA.

I have not had any interaction with support so I cannot comment on that.

I did need to correct a couple things. There were a couple loose screws and one nozzle was about .5mm lower than the other. Probably something else minor that I can’t recall at the moment too. If you are not willing to work on it yourself, if you expect it to work perfectly out of the box, then maybe this isn’t the printer for you. But then I don’t know what printer would be. Even $30,000 printers have their quirks.

This is a great printer in my opinion. You may need to fiddle with it a bit. For me this is not an issue since I enjoy tweaking things to get the best performance. We all know that Chinese quality control is not that great. Most of the times it seems things are done just good enough, and sometimes not even that. Expect that and you shouldn’t be disappointed. All the parts are there for a great 3D printer, you just need to go over it well, and you may need to tighten or align things a bit better than the worker who assembled it. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and it will be perfect out of the box…

Does this come as a complete unit, or is assembly required?

I have had one for over a year, and it works great. Mine also came with one extruder set higher than the other, I emailed support and they responded that they do that on purpose since many people only print with one extruder for most jobs, so they raise the other one out of the way. Don’t know if that was BS or not, but that’s what they said. When mine clogged (wouldn’t pull the filament) once, I emailed again and they responded with instructions to easily open it up and remove the obstruction. It has worked great ever since and makes nice quality prints. I use the makerbot software rather than what came with it.

Almost $200 savings vs Mothership:
Amazon price
High ratings (4.6/5; 90% are 44 & 5 stars), though it appears you have to be willing to tinker & consult with customer service.

I feel like every 3D printer requires tinkering. Either that, or if you aren’t tinkering with your 3D printer, you’re doing it wrong.

FYI - just found this (same warranty page as listed on the main description on woot): http://www.flashforge-usa.com/shop/warranty/

BUT: Woot’s item is only covered by 30 day warranty, while the page states 90 days. ???

Can an educated mind help me with deciding between the FlashForge and the Robo 3D R1?
Robo: http://smile.amazon.com/dp/B0142PHFVU

The big differences seem to be in favor of the Robo. It has a larger build volume, a heated bed and costs $80 less.

However the flash forge has the dual extruders, and I have heard that the robo needs tweaking for being used for high quality prints.


The larger print bed is nice, if you have a use for it. I rarely have a need for a larger print area. When I do I just split the part up.

If you want to print large ABS parts you will need to enclose it because ABS has a problem with the layers separating. You need to keep the whole thing pretty warm until it’s done. The FlashForge is pretty easy to enclose - I use saran wrap.

I rarely use dual extrusion but it is real nice that I can have one extruder ready with PLA and the other with ABS - or different colors. Really though, I would be fine with a single extruder, except when I get around to using my dissolvable support filament.

Realistically, you should expect to have to tweak any printer to get high quality prints.

Comparing the Amazon reviews of these two printers indicates that the FlashForge Creator is the better buy. I would choose it again. I would even choose it over the newer FlashForge Dreamer (my son has one, it’s good, but it can’t use MakerWare whereas the Creator can).

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