Woot used to have some good flashlights now it’s just the same ol’ crap.

I bought the Life Gear 2-pack and I’m pretty happy with them. They were a bit smaller than I thought, but very sturdy.

I want to see the small Lenser for $7.99 come back! You can’t have enough of them!

Does anyone have information/opinion about the dual pack with the headlamp that’s available now?

Here is a link from previous discussions:

Hope this helps!

This head lamp is incredibly bright. The wide form is incredible let alone the closed focus. I have other “150+” lumen flash lights that pale in comparison to the brightness of this. This quality is incredible and it really does make night, day.

Time for dog walking in the dark. Don’t leave home without one of these puppies, too!

The LED Lenser H7 155 Lumen Headlamp looks great, but rather bulky. Does anyone have any experience wearing one of these babies on a cap? As in fishing?

For a second I read that “a” in the title as an “e.”

Nope, flashlights. Oops. Not sure anyone wants a discount version of that other product.

Are you referring to the H7? Or the H5 that’s offered in a package deal?

Personally, I have the T7 LED Lenser from last year and I love it. I’m trying to identify differences between some of these listed for sale and my T7; but without delving into specs, they seem quite similar

I have several headlamps that I use for work but the H7 is my favorite so far and I use it every night when I refuel UPS jets. Its pretty light and the battery pack doesn’t make it feel unbalanced. The one I have has been in use for about a year and a half through rain, wind, a fall off the tanker (we both fared well; no injuries). I use a baseball cap in the warmer months and a beanie in the cold and it works well over both. Its showing signs of wear (hinge is a little floppy and the on/off button got a little twitchy several months ago but has been working fine since then and I didn’t even do anything) so I bought another on here yesterday.

You know, the only thing keeping me from buying any of these lights is the batteries. Alkaline AA, AAA, C, and D cells are old technology, expensive and have poor energy density.

Bring on the lights that take rechargable Li-ION 18650, 17670, or 16340(CR123A) cells. Chargers are readily available and they have a good voltage for buck/boos and control. Plus, the energy density is good with a convenient round package just like the alkaline batteries.

My expectations weren’t high. I got this looking for a precursor headlight for dusk/night bicycling that won’t cost me a buncha dough.
I’ll probably spend the money eventually, but right now I’m looking for “cheap but good”.
The good news is that this thing might do the trick.
The bad news is that the packaging was engineered by marketing people.
Who hardwires a “test button” to a product?
It was only after reading through the older thread that I realized they really did expect you to just cut or yank the wire off the circuitboard.
Anyway, for the other folks like me, you can remove the 4 tiny phillips screws underneath the batteries and snip the wire at the circuitboard and put it back together without any issues.
Just remember to use the on/off button under the lens.