Flatware Deals: Flat's Entertainment

Any idea what type of “stainless steel” the Q squared cutlery is? Is it 18/0, 18/8, 18/10, 18/8/2…?

sigh The 9 piece serving set does NOT include a sugar spoon. Look at the flippin’ size of that thing. It’s part of the salad serving set. There’s a fork and a spoon in that set. If you serve sugar out of that thing you better be adding it to 3 gallons of coffee. Every time this item comes up I laugh about it.

This is 18/0. We’ve updated the sale. Thanks for asking!

Dang, I almost hate to put an end to your entertainment but we’ve changed it from a sugar shovel to a Salad Serving Spoon. Thanks for pointing that out.

Both the Towle and Mikasa serving sets are described as “superior quality” and carry a 25-year warranty…but only the Mikasa is 18/10.