Flatware: Flat Here!

Nice bentware.

I’m unsure about the different stainless designations used. Past sales have had people freaking out. Time to Google, I guess…

Got the Mikasa Harmony flatware like two rounds ago, and have used it for roughly a month now and I’m liking it.

It has taken a fair amount of time to adjust to the size of the silverware (which is abnormally large imo) but we generally just use the teaspoon and salad forks for general eating and it’s been no problem.

It’s still gloriously shiny and it looks very nice.

I ordered 2 sets of the Wallace Parker at t his same price a couple of weeks ago and it arrived super - fast. One set was OK but the other had one dinner fork of the Blaine pattern and four extra teaspoons. I couldn’t blame Woot for a packing error in China, so I emailed Lifetime Brands and they agreed to send the missing fork. The Parker is semi-heavy, (you can find the virtues of 18/10 flatware elsewhere) well-made and similar to stuff you get at Pottery Barn for $35 per place setting. I checked Overstock and their price for the same 20-piece set was $59.99, twice as much, although they did have a 65-piece set for $95, which includes 12 place settings and five serving pieces, making it about the same price as Woot if you want three 20-piece sets and the serving pieces.