Fleece Zip Up Hoodie 2-Pack

I truly think these fleece are overrated due to the fact that — material start shedding in just 2 weeks after wearing it, and it’s not a heavy fleece either! as it being described on the website! would not recommend it to any of my friends:

These Fleece Lined Hoodies are 250 GSM in weight and are Poly Cotton Blend that will keep you warm without sacrificing that Cozy Soft Feel. There shouldn’t be any type of shedding and when it comes to Care & Handling- just follow the instructions “Machine Wash Cold”

These Hoodies will keep you warm all winter and stylish as well with a wide range of stylish colors & designs.

You Can also Match them up with their respective fleece lined Joggers Sweatpants.


Buyer beware. There’s nothing “heavyweight” about the fleece lining on these as described. It’s just run of the mill sweatshirt material. We were very disappointed in these.

Bought three different things by “Galaxy By Harvic” and was disappointed every time. Lesson learned!
Beware, sometimes they also sell by the name “GBH”!

The same advice from 3 different wooters. “Stay away these suck” - thanks for the advice friends- I have lost all interest.

Looks like you’re wearing shoulder pads!! I already have broad shoulders and wearing these is like Kim Kardashian wearing pants with butt enhancers sewn in. Ridiculous. Recommend if you’re shoulders aren’t as wide as your waist or anything else in your body. Wait, no never mind. You’ll still look ridiculous.

Okay, good, I thought it was just me. As it’s wearing in and the material gets looser the effect is toning down a bit, but it still looks pretty goofy. I thought about going a size down to see if I just got ones that were too big on me, but the material is already pilling after a single wash (fuzz balls) so I probably won’t bite again.

I’m disappointed with this brand as a whole…Sizes are weird, quality blah. Can we see some different stuff on Woot please?

Not sure what everyone above is talking about. These hoodies are great and exactly what I was looking for. They are quality hoodies for a great price. I would definitely recommend these to anybody looking for an every day use hoodie during the winter.

Plain sweatshirt material, and the shoulders are crazy squared off. not sure on durability yet…i just bought them for outdoor work, so they are fine for that, but wouldn’t wear them just out and around due to the cut.

Couldn’t agree more. I’ve purchased cargo shorts and shirts. Both ended up in the garbage. Same crap they sell on Groupon.

Got the black and camo the camo is not lined on the inside and has two huge zippers for the pocket go all the way up the jacket kinda odd the black one is decent least it’s lined at least wouldn’t say these are heavy weight though