Fleming Jenkins Vineyards & Winery - 2 Pack

Fleming Jenkins Vineyards & Winery - 2 Pack
$49.99 + $5 shipping
1 Fleming Jenkins 2006 Choreography, Napa Valley Cabernet Blend
1 Fleming Jenkins 2007 Madden Ranch Syrah, Livermore Valley
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Owned and operated by Dr. Greg Jenkins and his wife, Olympic Gold Medalist figure skater Peggy Fleming.

Does this have more or less alcohol in it than the Flaming Moe?

Quickly in for one… Yummy stuff and a cool little back story!

I will ask the obligatory question: are these wines made to drink now, or do we need to lay them down for a few years?


Fleming Jenkins at yelp

These wines are both drinking well now. We have been pouring each of them in our Tasting Room for the last 10 months or so. However, if you are patient, the wines should evolve over the next few years, and should both be consumed within 4-5 years or so.

All of the wines that we produce are based off of the personal connections we have with wonderful people in the industry. And, they produce darn good grapes, so the wines we are able to create are truly memorable.

Whew, that Syrah has some high pH. Was that how it worked out or was it an intentional, stylistic decision? (Not to be insulting at all. This is actually the style of wine I’m REALLY into right now.)

You are right, the pH is on the higher side. While we look at the “numbers” when leading towards deciding on our harvest date, we truly rely heavily on “taste”. We tend to give our Syrah extended hangtime to get the flavors we are looking for, which the downside of that is the high pH. It is a stylistic decision.

Certainly not a bad decision and a popular one among the critics (look at the scores!), but also one that will keep some away. I, however, appreciate your honesty and the fact you’re standing behind your decision. :slight_smile: If I am not really interested in the blend and I’m on a SIWBM, but if you come back around these parts, you’ll probably get me.

Should you use JAZZ Hands to drink the 2006 Choreography, Napa Valley Cabernet Blend?

We definitely don’t style our wines towards getting the scores, but we are happy with the reviews we have received. No matter the wine, we strive for balance. A balance between flavors, texture, tannin, acid, etc. We don’t want any individual component to stick out like a sore thumb.

Depends on how long you let the Flaming Moe burn before you consume it.

What was the brix at harvest for the wines? How did you keep the alcohol level relatively low on the Syrah despite the extended hangtime you gave it?

I froogled, but didn’t find much. Case price of the choreography is about $44-48 a bottle (lowest of 2 was $500 for the case, after $9 shipping), and the syrah is about $35.

Good deal, if this is in your wine budget. (Assuming that it’s good enough to be worth the asking price, relative to other wines. Not something I feel qualified to discuss, and WD would know better than I.)

not too worried about the pH of the Syrah…

Curious if the lines across the label and the foil are artistic renderings of skate marks left on ice?

I was wondering the same thing myself. I’m not sure how consistently the 0.6 conversion factor holds true but with an alcohol of 14.3, you would to have harvested at about 23.8-24 am I right? So is this Syrah a little “softer” with that pH?

I like to hear that you (flemingjenkins) rely heavily on taste! That’s something that a lot of my favorite wine makers talk about, taste and “crunch-ability” of the fruit. I feel it hearkens back to the time when wine making was as much art as it was science.

I’m confused with the new ways-are there labrats for this? These really sound lovely and I have been trying to be good (frugal) this week.

No DC or VA shipping!! That sucks!! However, it does protect my SIWBM.