Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered and Coffee Caramels

Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered and Coffee Caramels

Where is the picture of the coffee “tiles”, how thick are they? Only 1 pound but doesn’t say how many pieces that is. The milk and dark chocolate says 56 pieces.

Edit: Nevermind I will spend my money locally rather than send it to Portland, Oregon.

your loss, pal. these are absolutely divine


On their website, they look to be about the same shape and size as the Fleur de Sel ones, so I would guess about 28 pieces for one pound, if the salted are 56 in a 2 lb box:

You could also call them and ask…?
Tel: (503) 666-2000

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These are fantastic! I’ve enjoyed, I’ve gifted, always a big hit!

(Note: we are a house divided. I like dark chocolate, they like milk chocolate, so we get the mix. Milk is on one layer, dark on the other layer)

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I buy these each year for my wife from Woot - worth the $30 these are amazing quality and she is very happy.

The coffee caramels are not included in the assortment box, correct?

Correct, they are not included.


Oh no, the crack is back.
Double oh no, there’s a coffee one.


Are these the same price as directly from the manufacturer?

Looks like the Coffee Caramels are the same base price, but shipping here is way cheaper than the $16+ on Candy Basket’s site (or even free with Prime); I don’t see 2 lb boxes offered at all on their site, so that would definitely be cheaper here on Woot.

Wish the Coffee Caramels were also offered in the 2lb size!

Just wish these would come non-salted options. I’ve bought some of these or very similar brand one other time and they weren’t a big hit for most of us. Luckily there is non-household relatives that do enjoy salted chocolates…they did eventually get eaten.

We don’t salt anything and yes I tell them not to salt the fries. What ever salt is already in the fry bin is more than adequate.

It’s chocolate not jerky!

The picture on their website of the “Coffee Caramels” does not look like it’s salted, but the name here is “Fleur de Sel Coffee Caramel Tiles” so can’t be sure it’s the same product as I saw on their website, or maybe something they are only offering here…???

I do see salt!

Listed as an ingredient, yes.
I meant, I don’t see the “extra” salt sprinkled on top (on their website - again, I don’t know if that is the same as what is being sold here on Woot, but it’s the only Coffee Caramel I saw on their website)…


I imagine ALL commercially made caramel is going to have salt listed as an ingredient - most find it a necessary ingredient for balance and to help develop other flavors, when cooking/baking.

And the box for the coffee ones pictured here on Woot just says Dark Chocolate Covered, not “Salted”…?


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You mean you sea salt*? :upside_down_face:



(so they can sell out before I break my restraints)


When ordered on Jan 28, delivery was set at 10 days. No problem - would still arrive in plenty of time for Valentine’s Day. But now under ‘Where’s My Stuff’, it is saying estimated delivery 2/14/22. WHAT? I need these BEFORE Valentine’s Day. Our custom is to exchange gifts first thing in the morning.

How can I get WOOT to expedite this shipping to conform to what was promised???