Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered Caramels

These are very, very good. But they used to cost $23.00. Not sure of the value at the new price point, mostly because the packaging does not reflect the quality of the chocolate. Sorry to sound hoighty-toighty, but if it is a gift I would pass, but if you want to devour 2lbs of deliciousness, then jump on board!

I agree that these are super tasty, but too expensive now. I have purchased these almost every time they have come up prior to this. 4 or 5 times for years, and they were always $22.99. Which was already on the expensive side for candy. The new price is too much. In addition they are being listed on Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend during a Woot off at the more expensive price. Pass.

I agree, I have to pass. I have bought these, several times, at the old price and maxed out my orders. That was all ready an extremely extravagant purchase! But a $10 price hike in less than a year? Way more than I’m willing to pay for even just one.

I used to buy 4-5 of these every time they came up. Too expensive, now.

I agree. Not a good deal. If you go to the candy basket website, you can see for yourself that this is barely a markdown. Pretty disappointing.

Yep, 2 pounds directly from the manufacturer of the candy is $37.90. Definitely not the $50.90 Woot is saying they cost. Though the .90 is correct at least.

So going through Woot you save a total of $5.91 now. Previously you would save $14.91.

Edit: I would like to correct myself some. Shipping from the manufacturer is $20. So fairly expensive. Point still stands though that it costs way more than it used to. :smiley:

i waited all yr for these and to see them at this price is frustrating… )-:

Time to find a new co-worker gift… :confused:

To be fair (and I posted this in October, the last time these were offered), they used to be $23 + $5 shipping, now they’re $32 with shipping included. Plus, the link to an article I posted last time (now behind a paywall, it appears) indicates that the price for ingredients has been spiking. Even the price for crap chocolate like Hershey’s has spiked, and just a couple weeks ago, Toblerone reduced the size of their chocolate bars instead of increasing their price for the same reason (yes, I know, reducing the size is effectively the same as a price increase).

I don’t think the ingredient costs changed the price. I think that since they are now being sold “Wine Country Connect, LLC” instead of WOOT is why the price now includes shipping and works out to about $4 more than last year (when you figure Woot’s normal $5 shipping). Got to pay that LLC…
Of the candies I buy, “bulk” Toblerone are actually cheaper this year (because they will be smaller), Barboo Candy (baraboocandy.com, Baraboo Wisconsin) is the same this year as the last 3 years, and Fannie May is also the same price as last year. The nice thing was that when sold by WOOT I did not pay separate shipping on each box, but with shipping included, essentially we do now. So where as with other sources of premium candies the per pound shipping cost goes down with volume, with these you pay additionally for each 2 pounds.

Might as well make them all separate orders…

Ugh. I have very literally been waiting two months for these to come up so I could get some for gifts and for myself. I’m usually in for multiple boxes, but now I’m reconsidering. Shipping included or not, it’s a significant price jump. They were a splurge for me at under $25, and it’s much harder to justify with the added costs.

My issue with the price is that I used to be able to buy multiple boxes, but just paid one shipping charge. With shipping included, I’m basically paying shipping on each box. Which raises the effective price per pound. I still bought two, but I normally would have grabbed four.

Four boxes used to be $23*4 + $5 = $97. That would come out to about $12.12 per pound.

Now, four boxes would be $128, $16 per pound. Overall, that’s a $31 increase for what I normally would have bought.

If Woot could offer a discount of $5 (shipping) for each additional box then the increase would be $16. Still substantial, but a lot less. And that would be $14.12 per pound.

TL;DR: Count me as another person unhappy with the new price structure.

They are available at the original place WOOT used to sell them from - The Candy Basket, for $18.95.

Our offer is for 32oz. The $18.95 is for 1lb (16 oz). For 32oz from their website the cost is $37.90, and this does not include shipping. Our price has shipping included.

I would even be OK with the increase if I could get some gift wrap and a card with them. If I send them now I have to tell the recipient I sent them not cool. I

Good to see that I’m not the only person sorely disappointed by the steep increase in price on candy that was already pricey. I used to order the caramels and the pecan caramel patties (yum!) whenever they were offered, but now they are just too expensive for me. But it makes me feel less bad that I’m not supposed to eat candy any more now that I’ve developed diabetes.

I can speak to the shelf life of these things. They still taste great after a year.

I ordered a case of these when they offered them at $22.99 and there was a limit of 10. I got 10 of each milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

I have several boxes left…I could make some nice cash reselling these at the new price. Anyone interested? If anyone is in the DC, Maryland, Virginia area I’ll sell you some at the $23 price. I absolutely do not need that much.

Has Brandini made an appearance these days? I’d like me some of that…

I just crossed the picket line to buy ONE box, instead of the four I normally buy.