Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered Caramels

Fleur de Sel Milk & Dark Chocolate Covered Caramels - 56 Pieces Total
$31.99 $50.90 37% off List Price
Assorted Milk & Dark Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered Caramels, 31 oz.

Yup, these ain’t inexpensive, and they disappear all too quickly, but…
Holding out for dark only.

I always buy these damn things nothing fancy but always good :slight_smile:

I’m in for three this year. Made the mistake of buying only two last year. Gave one away as a gift and the remaining box didn’t last long. These are soo good and the price for the 2 pound box is excellent, compared to other high quality chocolates.

If Satan were a candy, he’d be these bad boys.

Correct link is

I prefer the dark-only caramels, but these are here infrequently enough that I’ll buy the milk/dark mix as well. In for three.

Dark only for me please.

Dark only for me too.

Fixed. Thank you!

I am the same. Did not want to take a chance on not getting any before the holidays.

I prefer the milk chocolate. Maybe we can swap out?

Y’all check out the dark chocolate ones at Aldi . I promise , just as good.Much better price…Just sayin"

Sigh… couldn’t you wait another month to post these? Such a tease.

Still too early in the year to order these in Phoenix. You end up with a lump of molten caramel and chocolate that is formed the shape of the box on the end that the delivery guy sets it.

Waiting on the next one of these.



Hey there how ya been ??

Doing good. BUSY BUSY BUSY.

How are you?

Fred sighting!

these used to be 20ish per box, not 31.