Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered Caramels

Fleur de Sel Chocolate Covered Caramels

Estimated delivery Oct 22 - Oct 28

2 1/2 weeks for delivery??? :frowning: No thanks

You’d be LUCKY to get them in 2.5 weeks! I ordered these around Thanksgiving last year as a Christmas gift and they arrived AFTER the holidays! They’re good, but you can probably find equal quality (or better) for cheaper when faster shipping.

I ordered these before Christmas a couple years ago from wine.woot and they arrived way after. Woot was totally unapologetic. Maybe they would be here for Christmas 2019!

I order them every time they show up, In for 2, we always love these little gems!! Nothing compares to the quality of their caramel. (We have tried them all)

FYI: They are hand made when you order them so it takes longer. At a max of ‘10’ per order…maybe they need more hands??

Hi there. These are made to order so they take a bit longer. They’re darn worth it though.

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Just order them.

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Oh, these are so good. I’m trying not to order them, but I expect I’ll fail in the attempt.

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Mebbe iffin I order now,they’ll get here in time for X-Mas. :slight_smile:



Hyperglycemia-from-living-off-these-caramels season is the best season :slight_smile:

Love these. Worth the wait for the dark chocolate. Mmmm.

These were a big hit for the holidays last year but were kinda pricey. I think I’ll pass I still have 4lbs off Reeces miniature peanut butter cups.