Flex Force 50-in-1 Resistance Chair Gym

Comments from a previous offer

Does it come with all the disc?

What is the weight resistance of the bands?

Yes, it does. I purchased this a few weeks ago from Woot. It came with all the DVDs. My DVDs will not play though. I was hoping to get replacements for them but was told that these were sold out. Hmmmm…

5lb, 12lb and a combined 17lb

I bought one of these last time… @ $169.98

I like it. It was a pain-in-the-ass to put together though.

If you read some of the reviews and the Q&A’s from the ‘mother ship’ there were some comments about the resistance bands being twisted/crossed.

Sad to say – mine were.
Not difficult to uncross after I figured out how&where I wanted to disconnect. Had to disconnect two on each side. (at least they were consistent)

Instructions were poorly written and vague IMHO, but I got through it (finally) but only after getting online for a better description and a better picture. Of course with the bands being crossed, it didn’t help. It shouldn’t be that difficult to assemble at all, but the crossed bands might have made it seem more confusing.

All in all, I do like it.
I have mind set up in front of a TV to use during the evening news. Gives me a 1/2hr decent upper body workout while watching the news.

I like the upper body workout more than anything. I had been using resistance bands hooked to a wall and like this much better. I’m sure all exercise equipment will give results … if you use it.

Mine did come with the program guide (instructions), all the laminated type work-out charts, and the DVD’a (not sure if they work or not, but after reading above, I should check them out)

No left over parts, none missing.

Band Resistance Levels depend on whether using them on either side or with one attachment with bands from both sides for single isolation. ( I have only used both sides at the same time)
From the chart:
Color LBS
Gray 5
Red 12
Gray&Red 17
Black 20
Gray&Black 25
Red&Black 32
Gray&Red&Black 37

Using bands from both sides for single isolation doubles the resistance above
(not sure I understand what they mean, or how exactly they combine the bands from both sides)

Overall, I like it and most important, I use it.

Give me enough time and I can figure another 50 workout positions for this.