Flex Force 50-in-1 Resistance Chair Gym

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Flex Force 50-in-1 Resistance Chair Gym
Price: $109.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Thursday, Aug 25 to Tuesday, Aug 30) + transit
Condition: New


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Is there some sort of joke here? The link to “Outdoor Week” takes you to the sport page which has an indoor gym item.

does it include the instructional DVDs?

We don’t make jokes here.

[But seriously, I think it’s just an accident.]

Per the description it comes with instructional cards, but no DVDs.

There is this link with sample workouts as well.

just checked out the comments from the last two woot sales of this item. People got the DVDs, but from what I read on Amazon only the Canadian version has the DVDs. I think I’ll order and cross my fingers.

Why do you need DVDs?

You just set it up and hang towels and garments on it.

I received the dvd’s but had to find online software to download to my WIN 7 machine. Don’t know if my version is Canadian EH! It comes with instruction cards for the exercises and having watched the video don’t see what value they add to the equipment. Except for some eye candy.

I predict a big surge in yard sale inventory.

Can you buy additional resistance bands?

We’ve asked but haven’t gotten an answer yet.

This is what I have been waiting to know too. But if the company cant even return questions right from Woot I doubt they would care about me if I had a question.

Well I bought one, got it today. Assembly took about 30 minutes, just 12 bolts, the seat and the foot plate. Came with instruction cards, a manual, and DVDs. Seems simple enough to use, basically resistance bands and an adjustable seat. A bunch of exercises listed but only basic workout plans. Worth the $100, not much more than that. Tip for assembly, the bar with the slits along the length is “bar A” (goes at the top).

Actually the DVD’s had a lot of useful stuff on them, some workout routines as well as demonstrations on how to perform the exercises properly. I don’t have a DVD player attached to a TV, but was able to rip them all on my computer with Handbrake just fine. Now I can watch them on my iPad.