Flex Watches (Funkmaster Not Included)

I’m hoping hats.

Not gonna lie - I’m sorely disappointed they don’t have more of the minis. I regretted not getting all the colors the first time around, and I would totally buy all the colors I don’t have…except that all they have are green and orange this time. Boooo. :frowning:

I bought some of the mini watches to mix and match when this sale made it’s first appearance. They’re beautiful watches, though still a little large for my little lady wrists. I’d love to wear them more than I do, but the ticking is surprising loud. I can’t even keep them in my bedroom with the rest of my watches because they’ll keep me up at night. It that wouldn’t bother you, this is well worth the investment.

Oh - I found the broke people watches! YAY! Not as pretty as the others though.

So what’s the real difference between the regular and the mini.

anyone have wrist size comparisons?

They also have the mini gray, if that interests you.

alright, answered my own question.

So here its is for anyone else who has the same question.


These look oddly familiar: www.shockinggoat.com

I also saw some “ss.com” watches on ebay a few years back.

where does it make?

I agree that the minis are still on the large size for women. I got excited when I saw this wanting to add a few to my collection to mix and match colors. They DO tick loud but the watches are nice.

Personally, I always have a hard time telling time on a clock/watch that doesn’t at least have hash marks, let alone numbers, at each hour. Besides, those creepy red LED retro watches are all the rage now.

I am a woman and usually buy men’s watches for the large face, cuz that’s how I roll. My husband has been known to borrow them, so it’s a win-win for us. As for the loud ticking, if it can drown out the hubby’s snoring, it would be a nice change! Def in for this deal!

i bought a bunch of these. one came broken. i contacted the company by email. After that, i read on their website that you are supposed to submit a video or picture showing it was broken. I did not do this, but they wrote back in a couple of days and mailed me out a new one, no questions asked, no picture or video required!
Wonderful customer service from Flex.

I bought 2 of these when they were sold last (sometime in the last few months). I got 2 of the mini size for my daughter & myself and they are quite large. I have a 7 inch wrist, I wear the watch on the 3rd smallest setting and the face is as wide as my arm is.

That said, I do like it and it’s been working well, it’s just a big watch. I have 1 winter coat with a more fitted wrist and I can’t fit the watch under the wrist on that coat. I couldn’t imagine how big the regular size are if the mini is so big. I’d think the regular size ones would be better for men or women who wants a really, really big watch.

I see the photo of the wrist with the 2 watches to show both sizes (mini & regular) but on my wrist, the mini is quite a bigger fit than in that photo. The mini on me looks like the regular one does on that person’s wrist. I’m a woman in my late 30’s. I’m 5’6. I have a smaller frame but I’m not super tiny. I don’t know if I just have a small wrist or if that person has a larger than average wrist.

44 X43mm