Flex Watches: Prepare to Bend Time

These are pretty watches, but be aware, they are HUGE. Like, REALLY huge–they’re pretty much all man-watch size. Women, if you buy one, it will be a very conspicuous watch–these things don’t discretely slip under the cuff of your shirt.

bought the mini flex for the girlfriend, she was very happy with them. Only issue was one of them came with a dead battery. She loved the colors, definitely a good buy.

You may want to contact the manufacturer, see if you can score a replacement. Just an idea!

I really think these things look cool, but I seriously have a hard time telling time on a watch without all the numbers. But maybe these are more for show than for go. shrug

My girlfriend has an abnormally small wrist. These won’t be any good? Any girl sized watch looks big on her. =(

i bought four. one was nonworking. they sent a replacement without a problem. Great customer service!!!

So each different color watch has its own 5 bucks shipping?? So I can buy 3 of one color for the flat rate shipping but if say I want one of each color I would pay 20+ ??

No, you won’t, after first five dollars shipping fee, the othes in the same day are free shipping

Offer the minis again, please! These are too big!

I could be wrong, but I believe after your first purchase it is free shipping for the day.

I’m a girl, and I bought 4 of these watches last time and 2 more this time, and I love 'em. They ARE big, but that’s the style, and I’ve gotten more compliments on them than any other single thing I’ve worn in the last 5 years.

In addition, because I own a bunch of them, even though they’re large, I can correctly accessorize them with anything I’m wearing by switching out bands and faces, so the conspicuousness is as if I were wearing a large bangle bracelet.

The watch faces on these also switch out with the Crow watches that were sold off on woot a year or two ago, which is what I was hoping when I bought them. (The Crow watches, if you have any from back then, do have all the numbers on the face. These Flex watches are also made by Crow, though in my experience the Flex ones work better in the long term than the Crow ones.)

How do you order more than one watch each a different color without placing multiple orders?

If you’re worried about shipping adding up, don’t worry! Only the first order will cost $5, then free shipping will unlock for the rest of the day!