Flex Watches: The Time Is Now



Who watches the Flex watch? What’s your color and cause today?


These look suspiciously like CROW watches I bought from Woot awhile back.


Unfortunately, the movement wasn’t strong enough to move the hands around the giant face and it strained the battery, killing it shortly after receiving the three I purchased.

Does anyone know if this is the same manufacturer, or is it different?


agree and my crow watches were junk. One completely broken and the other was just ugly… never wore it (well actually both were ugly but only one was broken) :slight_smile:

ETA - i just looked up the specs for the crow watch and they are slightly different than this one…


I’m a little disappointed that the bands aren’t for sale separately, and the official site doesn’t even have different bands for the mini.

Of course, the mini is still too big for my impossibly tiny girly wrist - the face is 43x44mm, and my wrist is only 50mm wide. :frowning:


The FLEX watches use first class components - Japanese batteries with high output, a 6 screw rear locking back plate for extra water resistance coupled with a deep gully internal seal.

It’s really a great, high quality fashionable watch and supports so many charities with each sale.

The faces and bands separate to be able to mix and match the styles.


Why are the dimensions for the Mini exactly the same as the dimensions for the regular watch (according to case height, width, depth and band width and circumference).

What is mini about them??

EDIT - I see that some mini watches have the same dimensions posted as the regular (specifically I checked the mini black) but when I look at others, the light blue mini lists different smaller dimensions as expected, but then the regular blue mini doesn’t list any dimensions at all…

Can we get some consistency please?


Great catch. I’ll change the specs of the minis to make sure they reflect their true minidom nature. (one too many copy and paste in this sale)


I see there are regular and Mini watches. Which would be better for tweens? (In my case, 12-13 year old boys)


definitely the mini


I am a little upset that you can choose colors for one order so to save on shipping since they are coming from the same place. *sigh


I was going to ask that. I want to order 4 of them but I’m not paying 5 dollars shipping for each one.


Once you pay for shipping once per day, everything else ships for free!!


Shipping is always only $5 a day for all orders. Buy as much or as little as you want. Once you make one purchase with $5 shipping, the rest of your purchases that day are free shipping.

So buy a couple watches, unlock free shipping, and then go find something really heavy to ship for free before midnight.


Dumb question but does it still mean a donation goes to the charity?


If I bought more than 1 of the mini, can I swap out the face of the watch with another color band? Say put an orange face on a blue band?


Can anyone say how durable these would be on a typically active five year old boy’s wrist, please?


This is a good question! Are these sturdy enough for kids in general? And would the Mini fit on a child’s wrist?


Yes, you can swap them out but they both have the be minis. I am just trying to figure out how to order more than one at once.


Thank you! If you’d like different colors, I believe you will have to order them as separate transactions but it will automatically not charge shipping for the 2nd one. It will show that you have unlocked free shipping until midnight. :slight_smile: