FlexUSB 2.0 Adaptor - 2 Pack



I’m in for 3. These are great. I bought some on the last woot-off and use them all the time. Plenty of people ask where I got them. Woot!


not for me!


i give up


yawn…glad i didn’t miss anything by getting some sleep. thanks, woot!


any just god would have destroyed these things long ago


FlexUSB 2.0 Adaptor - 2 Pack
$4.99+ $5 shipping

2 FlexUSB 2.0 Adaptor


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In for 3 for a total of 6!


Makes me wish I had anything with bluetooth. I might buy 'em just because they are cheap.


Hey! Is this twofer Tuesday?


2PAC is not impressed


at least the hands-free thing went fast, and these are cheap.



interesting idea…


Got these during the last woot-off, I wonder where they are???


I almost bought but then I realized…
I don’t need them.

Laptop users might though so I suspect these will go quickly!


thats my third item tonight sorry but im done


it’s kinda of like a usb hub with 1 port haha


Honestly, these things are awesome! I bought six last time, but I keep giving them away. These are for ME!!


Lemme jump on that