Flexzilla Blow Gun Quiet Safety Nozzle

Flexzilla Blow Gun Quiet Safety Nozzle

What is this?


That was my question too. The description sure doesn’t help any.

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Flexzilla Blow Guns and Modular Accessories System

Introducing Flexzilla Blow Guns and accessories. Flexzilla features an ergonomically superior gun body for maximum comfort and control which reduces operator fatigue. A variable flow trigger regulates air volume precisely with maximum flow, equal to or greater than the competition. The exclusive modular accessories system allows the Flexzilla blow guns to be customized for extension length and tips needed for any job. Flexzilla blow gun safety nozzles are labeled to meet or exceed OSHA standards.

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I’m still not sure what it is for.

@ThunderThighs looks like a blow gun attachment to a air hose to blow air or fill up balls or pool floats

Attaches to your air compressor (assuming you have one) and is an air blower.

You hook it up to an air compressor to blow air in the direction it’s pointing.


Ah ha! That explained it!

Yeah, it blows


I suspected and my husband confirmed you connect it to a compressor and use it to blow dirt or shavings off of things with air. He also said $22 is too expensive

But it’s ergonomic, for your extended blowing jobs.

They come in handy for cleaning sawdust, dirt, or other stuff off of a workbench, the floor, whatever. They also work well to blow water off the surface of things.

I think it shoots darts tipped with curare