Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder w/Image Stabilization (3rd Gen - Newest)



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Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder w/Image Stabilization (3rd Gen - Newest)
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Anyone have some sample videos in both outdoor and indoor lighting?


why isn’t there a picture of a tiger or a ballet dancer photoshopped onto the screen?


had one of these a few years ago for a ski trip in tahoe. the image stabilization worked ok, but i was most surprised by how great the sound was.

example footage


Lady friend was just talking about getting one of these, and it just became her birthday… how did you remember Woot!?


I have this same model (in silver) and as far as handheld “pocket” camcorders go… this works well. The images are true HD quality and the stabilization actually works so the videos come out smooth and highly viewable.

Unlike the video mode of most still cameras, the videos won’t be blurry or shaking all over the place, and the audio quality is acceptable as well. Obviously it will never be stellar audio with an internal mic, but for most purposes this works well and I haven’t had any issues.

If I have any complaints, it boils down to the flip out USB connection. depending upon the position of your USB ports on your laptop or desktop, this may not be ideal, and it can put a lot of stress on the arm as well as the port it is plugged into. Because of this, I prefer to use a short USB male to female cable to connect the Flip to my laptop.


I am so getting this if I have the money later today. While I want one of the silver 8GB ones… I will not be picky, and this 4GB will do. i need a video cam.


How many charge cycles can the battery take before becoming worthless?


Twice as much on the manufacturers website.


Perhaps an Ipod or other Apple gadget would have been more appropriate today no?


Looks very good on Amazon. Great ratings, great Woot price.


Ummm…our school bought a flip camera for each teacher and then the flip people went under. So, now we can’t update the software or get support. If flip is still selling stuff, is there a way to make our cameras work again? If not, buyer beware. It’s no fun to get gadgets that you can’t use.



Video review:



Yay! Hubby has been wanting one of these for awhile now… Great price, woot!


They’ll never make another Flip camera as good as this one. Buy now or forever hold your peace.


I have a Flip mino that I’ve had for a couple of years. I’m buying this for a back-up.

All the videos at sheltiepets.com were taken with this camera and are run through on YouTube.


Glowing review on youtube:



I have an older version and I LOVE IT! I have never had any problem with it and have owned it for several years. This is a steal! It’s a great video camera and small enough to fit into your purse. I just bought three!


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