Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder w/Image Stabilization (3rd Gen - Newest)

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Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder w/Image Stabilization (3rd Gen - Newest)
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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been waiting for this. i saw it and i “flipped” out."

Even though the company is dead we’ll never escape their products!

My Flip Mini has great resolution, but can only ‘film’ for about 15 minutes before the battery runs down. Any idea how long the battery lasts in this one?

No to buying this last week…And it’s still a NO.

  1. no cable = break the hard usb connector
  2. no Cisco support
  3. no still photos (except xtracting from video)

Same price as when they were on Woot five days ago. Glad they didn’t drop in price, because I bought two at that time for my nephews. :slight_smile:

Missed it the last time Woot sold thousands of them,got it this time.

Whoa! Woot had this the other day and I missed it now, WOO HOO!, I got one!

Cisco is supporting them until 2013.

They should give each of us one, to document our collective reactions when the woot off ends with no bucket of carrion

Hmmmm…finally went to bed about 3am…couldn’t sleep…was afraid to come back, but NO Bride of Chaotica yet!

If I can stay awake there is hope!


Don’t you mean 3??

I wooted this one last week. I must say I am REALLY irked that Woot takes SO LONG to ship anything out anymore: I’ve never even received any notice that last week’s Woot has shipped, so I assume it hasn’t. It feels like the 1970s as far as speedy shipping is concerned!

Can anyone tell me if this has decent audio?

I’ve seen a few places say the miniHD should get about two hours of usage before needing to be charged. It says the same thing about the normal flip mini, so maybe you have a bad battery?

I bought this five days ago, and I if I had any more spending money I would buy another one or two as a gifts (or for an HD 3D camera). Alas, my paycheck, it has not yet been received.

Probably can… don’t know if they will. :wink:

I got one of these in a BOC, non-functioning … Registered it, returned under warranty, got a refurb back … My daughter used it until she got an iPhone, which has good video quality and is easier to upload and share vids and pictures.

I will say, it take nice videos, good quality, and the refurb’d unit has never given me trouble …