Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder w/Image Stabilization (3rd Gen - Newest)

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Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder w/Image Stabilization (3rd Gen - Newest)
$39.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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I can’t wait for my Dyso…wait! WHAT?

I SO wanted that Dyson!! What happened?!?!?!?

Must have only had one??

I thought the same thing.

Wow! They’re going FAST!!!

Hey Woot! Flip this!

These will probably go fast, so here’s the short version. Got one last wootoff, loved it. Takes great videos, the mic is surprisingly good and can handle a wide range. Outdoor daytime shots are crisp and clear with good color reproduction, and the fireworks show I filmed at night turned out way better than expected. Absolutely worth $40.

I got one of these last time, pretty good price. the videos are hard to watch on a older computer. Don’t pay 20 bucks for the HDMI cable, I got one for 3 bucks at monoprice.


Woot has had some pretty good deals in this woot-off.

Would happen in the most expensive month when I have no money left over to spend.

WILL NOT get Credit Card Out… WILL NOT get Credit Card out- no matter how good the deals are… I will stay true to my budget and wait till payday to spend any more money.

Who is ben wallace? Yall are too funny on here.

I bought this last time I saw it on woot. It worked really well for a few days and I loved the quality. But it suddenly stopped working and nothing I’ve done so far will fix it. Online reviews confirmed this is not a unique problem.

It’s an awesome product at a great price, but I don’t recommend it for reliability reasons.

Got this the last time for a Christmas gift and liked it so much I had to keep it. Scored another here to replace the gift :slight_smile: Happy Wooter.

I would LOVE to know why Woot had some of these to sell on the woot-off, and yet when mine failed to ever show up, they told me they were sorry and ran out.

Bad form, woot. Seriously.