Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder with Image Stabilization (Current Gen)

I know why don’t you do these stupid products at like 2am when no one wants to stay looking for the next hour and give us awesomeness for those of us about to get off work!

On the Flip side. These will be the last time it will be avialable.

Hardy har har har hardy.

I loved my old Flip camera, but it didn’t have image stabilization. So easy to use - no cables, just a USB port.

I think I’ll get one!

OK,it’s being discontinued… that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good camera… anyone have any real input…

Buy dig has 8gb version for $74.95.

No thank you Woot. $50 at Amazon (with free shipping). Why is it $65 at Woot?


Is this some kind of sick joke? This is not a deal.

Woot did the same thing back in the days when it was $99 at Woot and $89 at Amazon. Another terrible Woot Off

I left for about an hour and missed the BOC. Will there be another one?

Ummm, just that it is down to 80%… to slow… but I did get my bag o crap… hehehe

yah, i saw that also. walmart also…

The one on Amazon you sited is silver, not black like this one. The black one is $90 at Amazon. Not sure what the difference is otherwise.

Your sever sucks, I could not get bags O CRAP!

actually not correct. it’s cheaper over at amazon.


I love how smooth the servers are now since no B0C is up but the SECOND one appears in the middle of the day on a WEEKDAY no less, they get slower than a 90 year old in a marathon. Not getting one again for the 10th time out of 11 (wootquest was only one I successfully was able to purchase, probably because many people couldn’t think enough to find it within the story) isn’t what makes me this angry though…it’s the damn people who sign on to their different accounts and ORDER MORE THAN ONE when many other people can’t even get close to ordering one. Something is obviously wrong when some people are getting their 5 and 6th of the year and 15th overall and a huge amount of others can’t even get lucky enough to get their first of their woot careers. Whatever, nothing will change so I don’t know why I complained…just had to let off some steam =p

Well the Bundle of Crops dont come round much, but if you ask your local farmer they may be able to help you!

That is the silver one. This is black which is $89.99 on Amazon. Although, this woot doesn’t specifically say it is only Black.

“■ Shoot up to 1 hour of incredible 720p HD video”

…not quite long enough to watch caulk dry.

lol really with that comment? give me a break about the color. dumb point.

I got the Kodak because the reviews said it performed better in low light conditions, but I paid $79.99 for it, refurbed. This is $20 less and brand new.

I Stand Corrected, Consider me Flogged and Kicked… Never Again, Damn you goggle Shopper… You Lie!!!

Oh please Mr. farmer…please, please, please give me one more chance. I promise not to leave again.

Cheaper at amazon