Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder with Image Stabilization (Current Gen)

+1, Buy the silver model on Amazon, much better deal.If you must have black just buy a case and it is still cheaper.

I own one of these, and have given them away as gifts. They may not be the best, but I personally love how small they are, how easy they are to hold, and the instant gratification of the USB connector.

One thing to warn about: if you have USB ports that go side to side, be very careful when you plug it in. One hard push or accident, and you could snap it right off. Despite that, I still love mine. If you’re looking for something that’s user friendly, I definitely recommend this here product. <3

How do you have a “current generation” of a product and a Company that is obsolete? :wink:

Im confused, I was lucky enough to get one, my first one (I Know cherry popped) what are you referring to when you said you found it in the story?

You are being way too kind speaking of Woot’s servers. A dozen cans of Campbell Soup cans and several miles of cheap cotton string does not a network make.
May be someday Mamazon will buy them a real IT department.

Best buy has it for $5 cheaper

Yes - but that version comes with Flip Video ‘AA’ Battery Pack …not sure if that is the Lithium battery

I LOVE my little camcorder. I just hope it never breaks since they are to be no longer. It’s well worth the money though

Theres a drought in Texas, good luck…

On a side note isnt it interesting thta if you put B-O-C in line without breaks or dashes you get Bundle of Crops… Who programmed that???


It should be “Last Generation”

They are quite nice , especially if you know any less technically inclined people or anyone without a smart phone.

The photo quality is good, the software is simple to use and the microphone and low light ability are both quite good. It also has a spot for a tripod, which my phone sadly lacks.

No, and it’s one of the major downfalls of the Flip. It means that you can’t transfer the videos to your computer just by taking out a memory card. That’s a MAJOR problem for many reasons. The bigggest foreseeable problem is that Cisco has discontinued all Flips, which means no future software or hardware development. If future versions of Windows or Mac won’t recognize the Flip via USB, you’ll be stuck without any way to transfer the photos. And trust me, not recognizing devices is a common thing when an OS makes a major upgrade, i.e I have several USB devices that were recognized in Win XP/Vista that is not seen in Windows 7.

“Listen up, people. I’ve got all night. We’re going to stay here until every last one of these things goes. And if the w00t off goes, too–well, that’s not MY fault.”

–the w00t vice principal

If this was the Kodak Playsport I’d be all over it. My bank account would still hate me, but I’d still be happy.

No, there is NO PHOTO quality because it’s the ONLY camcorder I know of that can’t take still photos. It’s moronic.

I was so excited to get my Flip MinoHD, unfortunately, when I got the little FlipCam, it didn’t work on arrival. I never got it to start up, and after hours of trying to troubleshoot it, I ended up having to send it back for a replacement. I still haven’t heard back from Cisco about when I will be receiving the replacement unit.