Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder with Image Stabilization (Current Gen)

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Flip MinoHD 4GB Camcorder with Image Stabilization (Current Gen)
$59.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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pretty cheap


cheaper here:


Will this work with my Mac…or should I wait for the next generation? :wink:

Not even a refurb! Do not want!!

There won’t be a next gen. They stopped making flips.

someone tell me how to get the moofi link for this?


I suppose this one will be able to be considered “current generation” indefinitely?

Best discontinued product of 2010!


HP touchpad takes the 2011 award

Shoot, I went into this wootoff looking for an affordable flip, but now I have 250 dollars left in my woot allowance and I’m still holding out for an ooma.

Oh well, There’s always next month.

wrong model number, your link shows the M3160SEU. Woot has the M3160B.

Is there any difference besides color?

also a mail in rebate yuck

Too bad it doesn’t have expandable memory or I’d get it. 1 hour just isn’t quite long enough for what I want it for.

No not that, get you mind out of the gutter.

Looks about the going rate for these around other sites, but still not a bad buy at all. Checking out the youtube review videos it looks like pretty good quality.

Love these things, never have too many, even for personal use. Sorry to see them go…speaking of “go” this aint a GoPro, but it isn’t the same cost either. Great gift potential,I’m down for 3!

Will this power my dead Roomba?