Flip Pillow with Cover

Here are some overall good reviews (3.5 stars) from a lot of users

I bought a few of these when they were on before…not very comfortable and no way to wash the covers or to cover them with a pillow case to keep them clean and still have the joint useful. The brown recycled stuffing is a good idea but gives them a grayish dirty look, not the bright white pictured and with no way to cover them it doesn’t look very good. Still would be ok if they were comfortable :frowning:

Sounds like they tried to “improve” them which shows how poor they were before! I did not like them after giving them a very fair try.

Lots of comments from when this was offered last August

also, here are some comments from 2/12. I’ll save you the reading, Wooter’s were asking if this pillow is to be used for something other than sleeping.

ONe complaint about this pillow is that it’s smaller than it looks.

Another complaint is that it’s hard to find a suitable pillow cover. THat’s not an issue in this case because this Woot comes with a pillow cover. IN a previous Woot, I recommended buying a laundry bag at the Dollarf Store and using that as a pilow case.

Maybe if you didn’t have to pay $5 shipping this would be a fair deal at $25 with a good price being $10 - $15. Unfortunately it’s $30 with shipping and there are way better pillows at $40 with free shipping. This pillow just doesn’t have enough cushioning and heft to it, and yes it is smaller than pictured. It’s worse than a normal pillow.

I couldn’t figure out where the pillow cover was. I gave up and used the stuff inside to enhance my dog beds. Don’t recommend unless there REALLY IS A PILLOW COVER.

Always sincere.

ps I used the empty shells to pack eBay stuff I am selling

If you notice, most of the top rated reviews for this pillow are at 1 or 2 stars. This is a horrible product given the price.

Where is the “like” button on Woot? :slight_smile:

If that’s the case the woman in the picture must be really tiny. I looked again and, sure enough, the paperback she’s reading appears HUGE in tiny little hands. As for that book:
Can anyone tell what she’s reading? It’s something she finds pleasant, but I can’t see the title.

I bought one of these last year and would not recommend to anyone. The “with cover” is ridiculous!! There is no extra cover and why would you use a pillow over and over again with no way to remove or wash the cover. Plus, they even tell you NOT to remove the cover. If they can’t come up with an extra pillowcase, I would not buy this item again!!!

The description states it includes;

Includes 100% polyester microfiber pillowcase!

I bought one a year or more ago, without the cover. (I think it was $20 then?) I still use and enjoy mine. It’s gotten squished but still maintains enough of the angle to be useful. I use it with my regular bed pillow on top so haven’t had to worry about the cover issue.

I don’t use it all the time, just when I’m feeling stuffy or am having trouble with heartburn. Been using it the last couple of weeks, in fact, my sinuses feel completely clogged right now when I try to lie flat.

The one I bought back in 2012 did not come with the case – this one certainly seems to. Incidentally, I JUST purchased the cases from BB&B for $15/ea, so this seems to be a steal.

I can’t comment on the new filing material and it’s supportiveness, but I LOVE mine and use it each and every night for watching TV in bed. My wife and son uses theirs, as well; my wife even uses it to sleep.

Seriously considering another few…

And oh I note that she sleeps with her bra on. I think she’s a Woot.com employee who headed out with a photographer to a local bedding store for this photo during their regular work day. I really don’t sense that she is reading until she is tired enough to sleep comfortably on this great pillow thing. Yep.

Hey all. A few things that make this different than the first few times we sold these…

• Manufacturer changed the fill to address complaints that the pillows flattened out.

• The second filling had black fibers that was didn’t look great if they poked out of the pillow cover. They’ve changed to all white fill.

• Wooters wanted a removable case. This sale includes a removable pillow case. It’s currently not shown in the photos. We’re trying to get a photo.

Hope that helps.

I don’t doubt that changes to the product were made, but looking at the recency of the Amazon reviews it doesn’t seem to have made a better product. I really don’t understand why this garbage keeps popping up on Woot especially when you consider the return policy here.

Not sure about quality difference, but here’s one for the 1/2 the cost. And I have never found a woot cheaper somewhere else. http://www.contourliving.com/p-290-4-flip-fitted-pillow-case-standard-size.aspx?utm_source=googlebase&utm_medium=product_feed&utm_campaign=flippillow&gclid=COHfmqLg3LgCFe1AMgodZB8Ahw

That link looks like it’s just for the pillow case/cover, not the pillow itself.