Flip SlideHD 16GB High-Definition Video Camera with 3" Touchscreen

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Flip SlideHD 16GB High-Definition Video Camera with 3" Touchscreen
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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How many flips do you guys sell?

I don’t give a freaking-flip about this item!

i got this one! it’s pretty cool, bulkier than the mino but has 16gb! it’s 30fps as opposed to the 60 on the second gen MinoHD. Other than that, this is really fun camera. Best for outdoors, doesn’t absorb enough light when indoors. I wanted a GoPro-like attachment for this to put on my helmet when I snowboard, but it is ridiculously HUGE! Anyways, I’m content with this camera, 720p + 16GB + cool viewing screen!

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3.5 stars on Amazon

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Adorama has it for $139 free shipping, so woot saves u $15

no motion stabilizer and only records at 720p. you can get 1080p recording for less with the stabilizer. maybe less gigs but worth the trade.

Here’s some sample videos.

another sample

and one more

and some geeky color and noise info

I commented about this on a prior woot, but I really did not like this model. The touch screen on the Slide sounds nice, but it’s not sensitive enough for doing basic functions, e.g., easily turning the recording on and off.


  • Uses H.264 compression, whic is roughly 4x more efficient than Motion JPEG, which is used by many digital cameras. H.264 allows you to hold about 4x as much video of similar quality in the same amount of space.

  • Video quality is quite good

  • Battery life is very good

  • Video length is limited only by memory and battery life. Many digital still cameras are limited to about 10 mins per clip because of buffer size


  • Fixed focus, not autofocus (i.e. like the SOny Bloggie)

  • Digital zoom, not optical zoom

  • Can’t pause while recording which results in a lot of junk footage and/or many separate files. Very annoying

  • No still photo mode. Even very cheap camcorders have this. The Flip creates still photos through screen captures from their videos. That means that there is no way to tell if you need to re-take the photo since you won’t know how a photo looks until you scan through hundreds of frames and decide which to capture. Clunky and annoying.

  • The famous epynomous Flip arm is a joke and the most delicate part of this camera. It’s easily broken and not replaceable. A much better and hardy solution is the built-in coil wire that the Creative Vado uses. Or just a simple 99 cent USB cable with a small compartment for storage.

  • The stupid flip arm means that you need A LOT of clearance space outside your computer’s USB port to support the FLIP. Few people have that much desk space when using a laptop and plugging it into a desktop is out of the question. That means you’ll need a USB extension cord which defeats the whole purpose of the flip arm. YOu might as well just have a simple USB port that uses a cheap replaceable 99 cent USB wire.

  • Memory is not expandable via removable SD cards. That means you have to be by a computer if you run out of memory. Nor can you simply plug an SD card into a photo frame or media player to watch the videos. Nor can you plug an SD card into a photo kiosk to print still photos (a moot point since Tee Flip can’t take still photos).

  • Battery isn’t replaceable so if you run out of juice, you can’t just swap batteries. And if the battery dies for good, it becomes a paperweight.

To put it lightly, Engadget hated it.

Personally, I wouldn’t go for it just based on the resistive touch screen. It’s not going to respond like you’d want it to, and that’s going to be frustrating. As cheap as this is compared to MSRP, and I’m in the market, I’m going to pass.

This has more than enough gigabytes to get you back to the future.

But seriously, I just recorded my son’s concert in 720p, and an hour of video fit on my 4GB SD card. Four hours is a lot of footage (do they still call it footage?).

that’s because it isn’t made by apple.

so glad i wasn’t the only one to think the same thing as the write-up talks about xD

I don’t understand camcorders in general and especially camcorders with microscopic sensor sizes and no optical zoom. I mean WHY buy this when for a few bucks more you can get a superb “still” camera with a 3 or 4X optical zoom that also takes really nice 720P (or with a bit more cash 1080) video and accepts huge and fast flash memory cards. I just don’t see the appeal of these toys which tend to take distant and often blurry or badly exposed videos with their tiny lenses and bad sensors.

I hate The Flip for many reasons but a resistive touch screen is not one of them. Most touch screen devices (i.e. Logictech remote control) and flat keypads (i.e. microwave oven) in the home are still resistive. My PDA of choice, the Sony Clie NX80 (yes, I still use a PDA), uses a resistive touchscreen and it works just fine. It can even do handwriting recognition. The Flip’s touchscreen, like that on some digital still cameras, is nothing more than a novelty. No function requires precision or nimble responsiveness. You’re basically pressing large areas, representing buttons. As far as I know, it doesn’t use gestures. That, combined with the screen’s small size, means that there is no real advantage in having a capacitive screen.

I used to take that view as well, and have actually written a huge Amazon review about this very topic. I’ve soften my view somewhat and now acknowledge several reasons for preferring these:

  1. Long battery life. Most of these palmcorders can run about 2 hrs before needing a charge. No still camera has the juice to record 2 hours of video.

  2. Still cameras run hot when recording videos. It may have something to do with the CCD sensor used in most still cameras (Sony is a notable exception; it uses CMOS). These palmcorders stay cool.

  3. Most still cameras use a buffer which limits each video clip to about 8-12 mins each. Palmcorders usually have no limits besides battery life and free memory.

  4. Palmcorders usually have better low light video abilities

  5. Palmcorders are usually smaller

  6. Many palmcorders, including the Kodak Z models that can be found for <$50, can take 720p videos at 60fps for exceptionally smooth motion. Few digital still cameras can do 60fps at full resolution, i.e. my Samsung HZ30W can only do 60fps at 320x240.

I have been a woot fan for a long time. Bought many things. There have only been a few times that I have wanted to chime in and comment on the daily prize (which I have never done til now as far as I recall)… but this is the lamest gadget I have ever seen. Please, woot Gods, fix this? I mean I bought 3 sets of the pet groomers the other day… is this my punishment? I apologize.