Flip SlideHD 16GB Video Camera

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Flip SlideHD 16GB Video Camera
$119.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: Refurbished

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In for 7.

Patiently waiting a bin o’ cardboard…

I really don’t care for low resolution HD cameras.

Wish they would of waited a couple more hours… coulda been my lunch break

While the size aspect and the screen on it are very attractive features, the fact that this is the only Flip without Image Stabilization is a huge detractor from me actually purchasing one.

Take one for the team, NEXT!

Looks pretty cool. Wish it had an SD card slot and replaceable battery though.

Here’s the CNET review.

Very rarely do I read all the positive comments; because we all know why a prodcut is good.

So I usually take a look at the bad… if there are too many bad things that are similar I stay away …

Anyways, here are the ONE STAR reviews for the product on amazon. You be the judge. But to me, it sounds too much like everyone had the same issue.

Here we go again, Woot must not have sold out before…

No zoom, built-in battery? None for me, thanks.

Yes it’s Mac Compatible.

Image stabilization? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

Oh - none - nevermind - I’m out…

The absolute deal breaker for me.

IF this had IMAGE STABILIZATION I would probably bite just due to the 16 gig of space for a grab and go camera. However, a camera MUST HAVE stabilization for me to even consider a purchase period.

Wow, nobody has anything to say about the incredibly disturbing product description?

The RCA Small Wonder is much cheaper than this on Amazon right now and it gets much better reviews.


I thought there was a limit of 3, does that change during woot-offs?

That was an awesome write-up.