FlipShare TV Wireless A/V Extender

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FlipShare TV Wireless A/V Extender
$29.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Sooooo, i guess this will kill the wootoff

wow. that was fast my friend.


I could use some sleep too…

Would not recommend. There are many better ways to streem your videos to your TV.

I don’t want to sleep. I want a crappy bag!

This FlipShare TV Wireless A/V Extender also doubles as a candle. Lighter not included.

goodnight woot.

wowsers! it’s going incredulously fast!

What is that?

I have never understood why people think it is so complicated to match the colors and plug in a few wires to a port on a TV that they would spend $30 on something like this.


a crappy bag is self-defining. google it.

aren’t many of them

Once a wootoff they sell a bag of crap for a few dollars that has all kinds of cool stuff in it.


been looking for a cheap way to stream wirelessly without a gaming console or boxee… if its not up to the job I can always sell it or use paypal to return it. in for one

Connectivity: This was the huge bummer. I expected this to work like my local home network where I could have my PC in one room and the TV in another room. But it tells you right in the instructions to keep the USB Key and TV module unobstructed, and away from large metal objects (such as flat screen TVs) and other wireless devices…are you kidding me! So they’re basically saying dont plan on using this unless you have all modern electronics in your house in another room…real practical! I was able to finally get the wireless connection working by moving the TV module within 10 feet of the USB key…it might be wireless…but what’s the point at that range!