Floating Squishy



its the evil Scrubbing Bubbles guy!

Unavailable for comment:



Moderately cute, but the color looks terrible on me. It does go well with the design though. C’est la vie.


pink on puke? errrr in for 2!


Can I be the first to say “Ew!”, no offense to who made it.


It’s so squishy…yet it’s floating…yet what the hell? ROFL


hmmmmm - This seems kind of feminine


hmmmmm, 2 yellow shirts in a row, maybe someone had to tinkle when they were making the shirts…


i’m in for one.


This would be cute except for the satanic horns (scary) and Dick Cheney sneer (scarier).


I like the design, but I just can’t wear a yellow shirt.

I tried with a Q: Are we not men? A: We are Devo! shirt, but I failed.


i have this really huge urge to eat something squishy and meaty. perhaps some jellyfish ribs. oh wait they don’t have ribs =[


lolz @ the description

i’d buy it if it wasn’t… cringes yellow


This is adorably not my style


what is up with Woot? Nothing too great since Yokohama!

I was mildly addicted and am losing it…


I love the variety of shirt.woot offerings… I never know what to expect.


ditto. dont got too much of it.

i actually get relieved when woot has shirts i dont like haha. then i dont go broke.


Not bad. It’s like a scrubbing bubble… but someone fed it after midnight.


a shirt for girls indeed… may not be sold out.


Maybe the woot guys needed a break from all the mad orders they’ve been getting. :-/