Floating Squishy


Heeeeeyyyyy… squid… or rather octopi… hmm…

I read that whole paragraph. :<

  • “I shall call him Squishy, and he shall be my squishy!”


This shirt tells the world: “I read that whole stupid paragraph.”

ROFL this is the one day that i actually decided to read the paragraph


not so sure about this one…the Design By Humans side deal looks pretty cool though. Anyone order a shirt from them? Any good?


I would buy this for my girlfriend if it had fablefire’s squid on it and not this scrubbing bubble guy that got to close to Chernobyl.


awww (=

i like it, but yellow shirts & my skin don’t get along.


Haha… every comment on this shirt is bad. That rules! Never happened to me before… first time for everything! Especially for being completely flamed out of my mind! That’s okay, I hope you guys are being honest. I appreciate that the most.

What perplexes me is all the hate for yellow shirts! I’ve never seen so much yellow hate. I have like eight yellow shirts. Maybe that’s why no one likes me :frowning:


This design is pretty neat, but something about it seems a little off. And I already bought yesterday’s Lemon shirt, which I had to have despite the color. Otherwise, it seems a little too light for me.


Yeah, I would buy it if the shirt wasn’t yellow.


Nix on this one, but the side deal is tempting; there are a lot of interesting designs there.


If I sketched this out while brainstorming, I would probably crumple it up and throw it away.


Been waiting to buy a shirt for the past two weeks. Haven’t seen one I’ve liked. Want to buy some in the Reckoning, but want to try a $10 shirt first to make sure I like the shirt and size (have to save that $5…, might buy me another half a shirt!)


cute design but horrible color, just generally in life.


Just for them producing that ridiculous write-up, I am not buying this shirt. Good night.


don’t take it too harshly. Some of the crowd here would hate their own mother’s tshirt even if she agreed to split the earnings 50/50 with them. For me, it’s mainly that it’s too cutesy for my tastes, but also, something about the design just seems off… I don’t want to say sloppy, because I have no place to judge, and I think the style is supposed to be a casual draw, but past that, there’s just something that I can’t place that feels wrong in the design.


jellyfish seem to be the shirt.woot reoccurring theme.


I’ve noticed that the majority of posts about shirts tend to be about the dislike of the design. I’m sure there are quite a few that like it…but don’t write about it in the comment section.


hate the shirt

love the “where not to wear” and “what this tells the world”


Thanks. <3

…and I agree with klswoot… people like the shirt, they just don’t post about it. I mean, the stats show that. Some of the angst might be left over from last night’s shirt too. O_o

I like squid in general, but I never go for the scrubbing bubbles types. Just a personal taste though more than a rip on the design. :confused:


How could you do this the day after veteran’s day, Woot? Rascist, Yellow, and Unpatriotic.


I bought one. Seemed like the best thing to do at 1 AM when I’m staring down another Monday. I plan to wear it to my upcoming latin exam - I have a feeling that whatever it is, it knows third declension adjectives.