Flocked Twin Size Airbed with Battery Powered Air Pump

What the flock?

Perfect for Mac’s

Perfect for the recently divorced man.

Wrong mattress Woot. I need a queen sized preferably memory foam mattress for around $200 so I have at least some sort of bed to use on my new bedroom set.

I’m afraid if I got flocked on one of these it would pop.

Does anyone know if a Bag of Crap has been up yet?

I missed the queen. The twin just won’t do.

Is this a Temper-pedic??? yawn…

These are great for tent camping, especially for extended stays. More comfortable than a foam pad, keep you up off the cold ground, and off moisture if/when your tent leaks.

How long would this take to ship to California? I need an air mattress by Aug 28th and this price is right!

Meh… Pass on this unless you only need it to work for a few days… bought it last time and you are sleeping on the floor within a couple of hours… should have the ‘crap or crappy’ label in the description…

Great for sleeping on during boring Wootoffs!

Too bad this won’t fit under my desk at work, this would make my 8 hour naps much more comfy.

I sense it coming soon… Usually they’ve been around 5:00 PM eastern.

Darn. I actually need one of these, but for this weekend. grumble

That was quick. Was in the checkout process when it sold out

Bob Sagat!!! They sold out before I could get one!

Bought two last time, one leaked after 1st use. Be warned you get what you pay for!

Most Likely, this is a 2 day woot off, so check back for the BOC, tomorrow.