Flocked Twin Size Airbed with Battery Powered Air Pump

Battery power makes you think these would be great for camping.

The weight breaking your back makes you think you made a mistake on what you thought about the camping bit…

Overstock.com has a bunch of different memory foam mattress toppers and mattresses for around $200 or less, delivered free with first order and very inexpensively after that.

I’m guessing we won’t see it until tomorrow.

This is perfect for all of the losers on Woot that are living in their mom’s basement.

A queen or king size would be a complete waste for most Wooters.

To be honest, the writer on this one has to stop with the “to be honest” come on 3 times in one add!!

Darn. The one thing I could actually use . . . gone. Poof.

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How much did this go for? I’ve been thinking of getting one of these.