Floor & Garment Steamers

Any experiences from other wooters on the Salav steam mops? Reviews are sparse in the wild so I am curious what previous buyers have thought.

There are a good number of reviews on Amazon.

I purchased two of the Salav STM402 Professional Steam Mops (one for me and one for my parents) I even paid $20 more as I got mine in August of 2014. I can’t say enough for the quality and how well these steam mops clean! I use mine at least twice a week to clean mainly my kitchen and bathroom floors (Linoleum and laminate wood). The floors dry almost immediately and are super clean with minimal mopping motion effort. I’ve cleaned Ceramic Tile, Pergo, sealed hardwood, vinyl linoleum and even steamed carpeting with the included tray. Highly recommend this Steam mop and love it so much, I don’t even mind I paid $20 bucks each extra, as they are worth it at twice the price. Also, the company (called toll free number in manual) were very friendly, helpful and I was able to buy extra pads in sets of two for $10 bucks. Hope this helps! P.S. the LED lights in front are more than a gimmick, they actually are helpful in finding the hidden grime under baseboards, etc. Thanks!

Another Note: I just noticed on the description that it lists one mop pad. I doubt they changed from when I bought mine, but each steam mop I purchased had TWO mop pads. I bought extra pads just because I’m not quick on getting the laundry washed! Also, per the manual the pads are to be (hand washed) but I’ve washed mine in the washing machine with towels for nine months and they have held up great! I just throw them into a zippered net wash bag and air dry them.