Floor Mats

What’s up with all the inconsistent information, Woot? I found many cases in which the info given in the specs did not match the main description and picture, not to mention discrepancies within the specs themselves, especially with dimensions. Too numerous to list, here are just some of the problems I found. These examples are all from the recycled rubber doormats.

Circle Chains: Specs say color is white, though photo shows black. Dimensions given are 28L x 16W x 0.5H inches and underneath that it says Width 18 inches and Length 30 inches. Rounding up?

Sunburst: Specs say that it is not only white rather than black, but also that it is made of rattan!

Fleur Di Lys [sic]: Specs also state color as white and give dimensions as 9L x 9W x 30H inches. Pretty sure one of those nines is wrong!

I am posting this to point out how sloppily this sale was put together, and don’t we deserve better, Woot? We may be cheap but we still want to know what we’re getting for our money. I’d actually really like to know if the Circle Chains mat really does come in white.

I have to agree. Can’t buy one if I don’t know what the size is.

I don’t see a response from Woot, but I just looked at the Circle Chains too and it looks like the errors in the specs were corrected.