Floor Standing Portable Projector Screen 59.8"x 79.9"

They don’t say it, but this would be (what they used to call) a 100" screen. It is native to 4:3 resolution so would be a perfect match for an XGA projector. We use a same sized screen and an XGA projector hooked to a Win7 PC running Windows Media Center to provide TV, Movies, etc - works great - wide screen stuff is just through the middle of the screen, old content fills the screen totally. Can’t say enough how XGA projectors and this size match well.

If you use it for 16:9 aspect ratio it would be a 92" screen. You can lock it in at different sizes to match whatever the aspect ratio of you projector is (as long as it’s not less than 4:3).

I bought the 72" version (65" @ 16:9). I think it’s a pretty good deal for the price. It probably won’t be highly durable, but having a screen that will set up and break down in seconds for $60 is all I could ask for.