Floorcare & Steamers

Eureka AirSpeed gold looks like it’s cheaper on Amazon, plus eligible for Prime shipping:

I suppose it might come without some of the doodads.

The Electrolux presently doesn’t have the condition noted in the listing: new, open box, respiff’d, etc.

I suspect it’s new. From past listing observation, it typically seems that when an item’s listing shows a crossed-out list price and a certain percentage off list price, the item is new, rather than re-furbed or open-box, etc.

I only just now saw this listing (19 hours later), so it’s possible the listing was modified after you looked at it.

Hope that helps.

Rowena Steamium is THE best iron on the market. at this price it’s a steal. 400 Steam Holes = amazing results.

It is NEW. Sorry that’s missing.

It’s added to the sale now.

Thanks for this. Consumer reports gave this a Recommendation, whereas the 1004A model here on Woot hasn’t been touched by CR. I went with this instead.

Prime certainly helped, too.

The Electrolux is on clearance at Walmart for $199 with free shipping. So only a $5 savings with Woot. My trust level with Woot’s “deals” sinks daily. Bums me out…not really deals, just selling the same stuff for the same price as everyone else.