Floorcare, Your Care

Some good reviews for the Bissell 16971 on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Bissell-PowerSteamer-PowerBrush-Upright-Cleaner/product-reviews/B004RD9LVK/

Are any of these particularly good sucking up cat furs? I’d rather try a new vacuum before shaving the cats.

I’ve always preferred bag vacuums since I got a cat (6 years ago.) Having gone through quite a few vacuums in my lifetime, my 20 year old Kenmore Elite (bag) still works, and the bags are very cheap on eBay in bulk, much cheaper than replacing filters and other crap other canister vacuums need constantly when a furry pet is involved.

If you do the math, the maintenance cost for a bag vacuum is a fraction of a canister. The last canister vac I had, a Bissel, needed a quarterly canister filter, an annual HEPA filter, and a semi-annual pre-filter. The belt also broke twice in the two years I had it.

I also agree. Bagged vacuums work a lot better and are MUCH easier to clean. I used to spend way to much time cleaning out the insides of the bagless ones. I dont think I will go back to bagless for a long time. (Pet Owner)

Thinking about getting the DC 35 now. Is it right for me?

I live in a studio apartment by myself with no pets. Need to clean carpet and hard floor. Might move to a one bedroom apartment next year, but don’t plan to get a house anytime soon.

Does this work on tile floors as well as carpet?

Which sale are you asking about?

What does the belt breaking twice have anything to do with the fact that it was a canister?

Oh yea, nothing.

As far as “costs,” doesn’t Dyson have lifetime washable filters? No extra cost there. Only extra cost I see are the bags you have to buy that I don’t.

edit: “Filter: Lifetime washable HEPA filter”

I guess so.

And since we’re throwing this around as if we’re an authority, I’m a lifetime dog owner. My Dyson DC33 is the best vacuum I’ve ever had.

do you mean that you want to vacuum your cats?

Or does your cat want to vacuum ?

The Dyson’s do. I have an attachment for my Golden Retriever dog and he doesn’t mind it at all. :slight_smile: He has a lot of hair especially in the summer it’s on my floors.

I have almost all the Dyson models except for the very newest and I’m happy with all of them.