is there something wrong with checkout? i am trying to buy the dyson dc33 and it keeps stalling after i click on “proceed to checkout”…

Sorry for the problems.

I’ll need more info to help:

Operating System
Browser (version)

Can you try another browser?

If you’re at work, it could be your business has a firewall up that is blocking it.

i’m using a PC, windows xp, firefox 17. it was still hanging so i tried chrome and it worked – thanks! still not sure what the problem is with firefox. that’s what i’ve always used to purchase stuff on woot in the past. oh well.

Glad it worked. Computer restart never hurts.

If you don’t have a Spot Bot and you have rugs and pets, buy one. I used mine this morning after thinking, “Gee, haven’t used my spotbot in two months.” Ha.

Second on the SpotBot! I bought it from Woot when it was for sale during the last WootOff and it got here 2 days ago. I got home yesterday and found that my dog managed to get into the garbage (through a closed door…) and exploded from both ends. This was perfect for cleaning up. The sample of the cleaner was still frozen, so I just had vinegar and water, but it did a good job.

DC31 ($120) vs. DC34 ($130) vs. DC44 ($230)

I’m going to buy one of these but not sure which one. Does anyone have any comments from personal experience to help me make my decision?

The 44 is nice b/c you can use it as a stick vac or a hand vac.
Other than that… I’d be interested to know what experience others have had too !

Probably a stupid question, but how well does the SpotBot work on Shag?

I paid full price for a Spotbot after the first time my dad visited, and have never ever regretted it. It does an amazing job with my builder-beige, medium pile carpet.

The machine gained family-member status after my cat ate the neon orange dried cheese from a cheap box of mac & cheese, then distributed it around the dining room floor.

It depends how long the shag is. A modern, 1" shag should be fine, but it’s possible the reaaaally long stuff could tangle or nap.

Imagine pushing a round, semirigid brush straight down into the carpet, then rotating it 5 or 10 degrees. It does that for about half an hour, always rotating in the same direction. You could probably use a bathtub scrubbing brush to test whether that kind of motion will work for your carpet.

Which is good for cleaning dust off of a wood floor? Quiet and light weight would be good because I will have to do 2000 feet every other day.

The relevance of this part of your story has me concerned.

I too am curious about that.

I got the HAAN cleaner from a previous woot deal for this same task and it has worked great. I clean half the area you do but it only takes a few minutes to heat up and has a fairly long cord.

I bought the haan one last time as well, so far it has worked great on laminate.

any one know how to get a reply from support? ordered this vac never received it,paid for it, and can not get reply from support over a week ,anyone know any other way to contact them??? thanks for your help

I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t received your Dyson yet.

I’ve gone ahead and forwarded your inquiry along to Woot Member Services.

Thank you for your continued patience while they attend to the issue

I purchased the DC44 on January 24th, received an email and can see it in my purchases on my account. Yet, there is no charge on my card account, and the tracking says unavailable or denied when I view it. I have emailed customer service but have gotten no reply. Is this a standard process for Woot purchases? Im unaware of this as its my first buy. But…my issue is that if it didnt purchase can I be notified somehow? I would love to know whats going on so I can move on and find another DC44 somewhere else. I even noticed theres another animal on the home section now.
Can anyone offer advice on how this works and what I can do…if anything.