After years, it’s finally time to get one of these.

Is the DC41 really worth $70 over the DC25? I have mixed floors - mostly hardwood but some short carpet.

I just bought the DC25 all floors ball vacuum, but I did my research 1st. For me the DC25 did everything I needed, plus all of the reviews did favor the DC25. They are Dyson! What more can I say?

Can anyone comment on the DC 26? I have mainly hardwood and a few rugs. How is the price compared to what others paid?

Should the only 6 month warranty be a deal killer? New comes with a 5 year warranty… Does Dyson not have much faith in their refurbs?

Are any of these the animal versions of their model or are they just the regular all floors models?

You’re doing it again woot!

For the DC23 canister vac you’re describing the “Turbinehead” but you are displaying images of the “Motorhead.”

Woot please confirm what is included, I am about the pull the trigger!

The DC41s sold last week-ish were specifically not the Animal version. I’m betting these are probably the same, sorry! It did not come with the Tangle-Free Turbine Tool, which as far as I can tell is the only difference.

That being said, I bought one (love it, by the way – stomps my poor old Eureka into the ground – and I don’t have pets anyway) and it came with an extra attachment anyway – the Mini Turbine Head. I had to kind of hunt it down online, as it doesn’t mention it in the instructions either. I have no idea if this is something that applied to all of them or not (it was stated nowhere in the sale), and it is not specifically the attachment that the Animal version would include, but I thought I would mention it anyway.

I just emailed to see if we can confirm. I’ll update my post as soon as I have the details.

UPDATE: Word from the vendor is that the photos are, in fact, correct. We’re selling the turbinehead. Hope that helps!

I hate to have to bring this up. But is this the same vacuum on the mother AZON site? With FREE shipping and an actual return policy???


If someone more knowledgeable than I can show this is a different model please let me know!!

I already gave you the details. I recommend that you ask your vendor if the photo of the DC23 for this sale shows a Turbinehead or a Motorhead. Or, you can see how woot fumbled around with this same issue during a prior sale.


[MOD EDIT] No need to get personal.

The vacuum you are looking at on Amazon actually DOES show the turbinehead, while the photo of a “DC23” here on woot shows a motorhead. But I understand woot will not actually be sending out vacuums with motorheads at this price, so I wish they would stop baiting us.

The DC41 is a current model, presumably has improvements compared to older models. Dyson doesn’t show the DC25 on their web site as a current model, so I’m not sure if it is or not. You can still buy them new.

The DC41 is bigger, newer, has more suction, and a longer cord. I can’t directly compare it to the DC25 since I don’t own that one.

People seem to either love or hate Dysons, depending mostly on whether or not theirs has broken. If you’re the kind of person who can’t wait for the iPhone 5S to come out, you’ll probably love your Dyson. If you’re the kind of person who likes tried and true devices, maybe not so much.

I just wanted to say thanks to all the Wooters who commented, I sadly found the best deal was on the mothership and purchased from them.(For a DC-23)

If the description is for the motorhead, and the photo is the motorhead, and Woot has confirmed that they are selling the item described, what makes you so convinced that the sale is not in fact for the motorhead? Seriously, I’m interested, because I’m thinking this is a great deal and I need one…

Hey guys- Sorry for the confusion. We are, in fact, selling the turbinehead (with wheels), as opposed to the motorhead (no wheels). This is for the DC23 model.

We have 1 along with 4 other models and love it. Don’t underestimate the DC26, it has a good amount of power, is great for stairs and any type of floors. We paid $199 or $229 about 18 to 24 mo.s ago. It’s on here somewhere but we have way over 40 pages of purchases.

We recommend it highly.

I think the 41 is a slimmer and for sure is a much NEWER model. As for people loving or hating Dysons, you’re right. We love them and have abandoned our pain in the butt central vac system totally. A huge motor but not nearly enough power. The Dysons blow it away. If we ever sell this home, it will be listed as having a central vac though. It does lol! :slight_smile:

But it’s too much trouble to change the picture so you show the turbinehead (air driven), as opposed to the motorhead (motor driven)? Bummer…