Floppy Argyle

Great concept and beautifully executed!!!

Thanks for the print, Woot! I am surprised to see this here. I didn’t think there were enough other people to geek out about old tech like me!

Like me a ThatRobert print. Though part of me is wishing this was on a sweater just so I could make people look twice at the argyle.

I love this, the concept, the vintage colors and it’s a styling shirt. Congrats TR!

It’s a really cool pattern, and the colors are superb. Fun too! It’s the kind of pattern where people will take a look, and then do a double take when they see what the shirt is really made of.

I’m not surprised that it’s a Derby winner… there’s nothing not to like here. Congratulations, Robert! :slight_smile:

As soon as I saw it in my email this morning I insta-bought it.

Great design in a sea of me-too ugly christmas sweaters lately. Something different… oldschool, yet oldschool :smiley:

I really wish this were available as a hoodie. If this print completely covered a hoodie, I’d pay double normal woot prices. Artist! Make it happen! Love the pattern, just want it on more than a midsection of a shirt.

I was hoping for some kid to comment"Cool Save button shirt!" but I guess it’s just us old folks here.

The audience here definitely skews higher than at other shirt sites.

(Also, cats. If you look through the BOC reveal threads, a good number of cats photobomb their pics!)

Hey! Who ya callin’ old? :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley: sigh… Just ordered my (married) son one of these for Christmas… :slight_smile: