Floral Welcome Weather-Resistant Outdoor Coir Doormat

Floral Welcome Weather-Resistant Outdoor Coir Doormat

This mat is 14.00 at Home Depot…where did you get the 69.00 from?

List = MSRP, not retail.

Saying that it was originally 69.00 is very misleading and I could find it nowhere with an original price of 69.00…this feels a bit like false advertising.

It is just very disconcerting…as do ya’ll do this with everything on your site.

Dude. MSRP

MSRP has nothing to do with Woot pricing.

Dude. 69.00 was never MSRP…and I knew what that was.

Dude. Retail doesn’t set MSRP.

Dud. This isn’t 79% off…it is the same or less at Home Depot, not on sale.

Dud. Home depot is also a retailer.

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Well, you lost a customer.

It comes down to this – manufacturers can set their MSRP to any price they darn well feel like, but it doesn’t mean you’re going to see it in the stores for that price. They are two entirely different things.

So you set yours at 69.00 and then sell it at 79% off…good business tactic…

Ok, ok, ok. Let’s end this conversation.

The List price is set by vendors or pulled in from Amazon. Even though they may not be displayed on Amazon, they’re there on the backend.

List prices are a fake price. We all know it. But they exist.

We ended the sale due to the price comp.