Flow Form Pilates Trainer

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Flow Form Pilates Trainer
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Looking for something lite and fun for the wife. Has anyone tried this machine? How easy is it to change from 1 exercise to another.

I found one very positive review on Amazon:

Other than that, there seems to be very little information out there…which makes me a little wary.


This is a Pilates Reformer, not a “total gym” style machine. You change resistance by switching out the bands, not by changing the angle of the machine. Don’t want anyone to be surprised.

I haven’t seen this one, so can’t speak to how sturdy it is, or how well the pieces fit together, but Pilates is great exercise, adaptable to any fitness level. It began as a way to maintain fitness and retrain muscles in ballet dancers after an injury. If you know any ballet dancers, you know they can just casually kick you though a wall. This is a classic piece of Pilates equipment, (the reformer) so there are thousands of hours of instructional videos and classes and books available for it.

This one is low to the floor so it won’t tip over with you.

I wouldn’t recommend anyone getting a reformer without having had private Pilates lessons from a certified instructor. Yes, there are lots of videos out there and websites dedicated to the work, but you can really end up hurting yourself if you don’t get good instruction on how to complete the exercises properly. That being said $50 for a reformer… IDK about all of that. If you’re in need of something small and dinky this may work. I got a reformer and tower combo from a local classified ad for about $4,000 less than it’s cost new and that was a crazy-good deal. If you are into the work get good equipment and you won’t regret it.

No reviews, but more information and a video of it in use at SHQP. There are links on that page to PDFs of suggested exercises.

I’m tempted. Seems a good price here on woot! for a really basic beginner machine that doesn’t take up a lot of room.

On second thought…I just noticed this on the description page:

California Proposition 65 Warning: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects, and other reproductive harm

If this chemical is not known to cause cancer in my state, does that mean it will be safe to use as long as I’m not in California?

California requires labeling most things with “foam” this way, here’s the explanation from the vendor:

I attend pilates reformer classes - and I have a similar version to this one at home. I would highly recommend
attending a class as well, at least some so you can get the proper form and technique. This one will probably not be as sturdy, but, it will be enough to do basic pilates moves at home. It is a fantastic workout, especially helps with core muscles and posture if done properly.

Darn…I thought they were selling a “human crossbow!”

They have the same stickers on computer mice. I think California itself is a health hazard.

It should be fairly easy. I had a similar one in the past and it should be pretty straight forward.

haha pure comedy gold :smiley:

I ordered one. The high cost of 'em always kept me away. I was a little concerned about not knowing anything about it before ordering, but I have more info now that it has arrived. It’s marketed by Thane, which is a direct marketer. The glide board rolls a little rough, but overall I’m pretty happy with the $50 machine. I’m sure some expert Pilates practitioners may have some opinions about such a cheap machine, so we’ll see how well it keeps up. If anything, if it breaks down, I’ll know that I like Pilates and won’t shy away from spending more money.

I ordered this and just got it in. The CD does not play automatically and you have to go into the video folder and start clicking to find the workouts. When you do find them, they use optional accessories such as a rebounder and a foot plate that do not come with the machine. The machine works perfectly well without those items, and there are plenty of exercises you can do without them, but if you want them, you’re pretty much out of luck.

The reason you can get this machine is cheap is because it’s been discontinued by the manufacturer. That means, you can’t get the accessories any more. So, you’re going to have to do without.

Currently, ShopHQ is clearancing the foot plate, and once they’re gone, no one else has it. You may be able to live without that easily. http://www.shophq.com/flow-form-pilates-4-5-leg-exercise-foot-plate/000-924.aspx

As for the rebounder, no one has it. At least not that I can find. Someone recommended tying a t-shirt across the foot bar to mimic a rebounder (the rebounder adds additional cardiovascular exercises to the workout), but I have not tried that to see if it works.

As for the machine, it seems sturdy enough to me. Like someone else said, the cloth covered pull cords aren’t exactly the smoothest in the world, but the machine seems to work fine, and I’ve decided I like it. It was easy enough to assemble. My only real concern is that this thing takes a lot of floor space, and their idea of easy to store is pushing it up vertically so it’s standing on the foot bar up against a wall. Because the deck slides, it’s a bit difficult to move around. Workout wise, I’m just getting into exercising on my doctor’s orders, and I think it’ll fit the bill.

I found a quick fix for the optional rebounder that you can’t get any more. I took one of my son’s old flannel jackets from when he was five years old or so, slipped it over the foot bar so that the sleeves are on the top bar that sticks out, and zipped it up with the zipper facing away from the machine. It fits tight enough and gives me enough bounce to make the cardio bounce exercises work.

I’m happy now. :slight_smile:

I’m really glad I saw your post b/c I’ve been looking everywhere for the rebounder!! Although I’m not happy that it’s no longer available, @ least I won’t be searching aimlessly!! So thanks!!

Love my Flow Form Pilates Trainer but I wish I had the two accessories with it !! The foot plate and the rebounder…