Flow Form Pilates Trainer

Comments from a previous sale

Does this trainer include the instructional DVD?

Does this trainer have different elevations or does it just lie flat?

this machine will lie flat only. it is based on a pilates reformer, not a total gym.

shophq/evine live video
edited to add: above link not working - try this one:


from the above link - if this item is discontinued, I assume you will not be able to (or have a hard time) finding accessories and replacement parts.

that said…

if i didn’t have my current pilates (reformer type) machine (and my previous “proformer” machine) I wouldn’t hesitate to get this and try it out.
a word of warning tho -
if you enjoy this style of exercise and want to invest in a more “professional” machine,
be prepared to give up some real estate in your home. these machines are large, but worth it.


a mentioned above, this will only lie flat for exercising, but there are cords to provide various resistance options.
with a machine like a reformer, less cords usually make for more abdominal work. more cords will work legs arms etc more.

also these pdfs at the above link:

Exercise Chart PDF

Pilates Excercise Chart PDF

Review from the Mother ship. http://www.amazon.com/Flow-Form-Pilates-Fitness-Machine/product-reviews/B00GLUEWWK

Wow. Incredible to me that this machine is selling for $142.50 today on Evine (ShopHQ) or I can get it for $40 right here. Oh, decisions, decisions… :slight_smile: