FLOW Hands Free Motion Sensing Faucet

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FLOW Hands Free Motion Sensing Faucet
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I bought this last time it was available on woot, and we’re very happy with it. It’s easy to install, attractive and works great. I recommend it.

This is so easy to install. However I cannot over state what a pain it was removing my old faucet. I can only imagine my old one was installed with the sink out of the counter.

While I’ve only had this for a few weeks now I’ve got nothing but good things to say about this faucet. As a little tip on the installation I used some 3M double sided stick mount stuff to mount the controller under my sink which would have been required removing my garbage disposal had I not. Seems to be working great that way and made the install a breeze.

For those curious how this works, it isn’t like the public restroom style that turns on while your hands are below it. You wave your hand by the sensor and the faucet turns on, wave it again and the faucet turns off. If you fail to turn it off it stops automatically after 3 minutes.

The controller runs on batteries however you wanted to operate like a normal faucet with out motion senseing there is a switch on there that will do that and it requires no batteries in that mode. I do wonder what happens if the batteries run out with the water set to on, would it begin flowing? Not sure. No clue on battery life from personal experience but research I did before buying indicated a couple of years… seems like a long life for batteries. We will see.

Over all this looks very nice, high quality although it would be nice if the hose were braided stainless instead of black but you can’t really complain for this price. Something equivalent from local big box stores costs nearly 100 more.

I ditto the other positive comments. Ours has been installed about 4 months and we love it. On Amazon, a few people complained that theirs stopped working. I noticed that if the lens covering the sensor gets a drop of water on it in the right spot, the unit will not work. Wipe it off and it is like new again.

Is it possible to hardwire/splice this into a power line?

Possibly. You’d have to determine how the six AA batteries are arranged to find the actual supplied voltage, then find an AC->DC adapter that transforms down to the required voltage, then add some kind of connection plug onto the control unit where you could plug in the AC adapter. Oh, and probably wire in a 120VAC GFCI outlet under the sink.

Likely that would void any warranty that comes with the faucet.

Is this made out of brass? I wonder as my experience with non-brass faucets has not been good.

So…Is it a Nickel finish or Brushed Nickel. Both are listed in the display. Which is it?

We have the equivalent faucet but made my Moen and the batteries last about 4-6 months. I too wish there was an option to hardware or at least plug into an outlet under the sink. Replacing that many batteries, 2-3 times a year is a pain and $. When the batteries do stop working it is as if the unit was on manual mode.
Even though I bought a Moen I have had to replace the computer part as it went haywire and left the water running non-stop.
All in all I love this type of faucet and would buy it again.

https://www.amazon.com/BioBidet-Technology-Installation-Hardwiring-Electricity/dp/B01CKKAIT0 Same thing on Amazon, about $60 more. I don’t think the hands free sensor is necessary and thanks for sharing it works without it. Looks like a nice faucet.

I was skeptical how much I would use the hands free sensor as well but we needed a faucet anyway so I figured why not. Turns out I love the hands free option because when I am cutting raw meat to prepare dinner I can just wave my hands to get water and don’t have to spread more germs. Now I need one of those automated soap dispensers. :slight_smile:

The previous sale of these offered the options of chrome (shiny) and brushed nickel. I would assume this is the brushed nickel which is the finish I chose the last time. It looks great and matches my stainless sink well.

It’s brushed nickel. Sorry for the confusion.

Does it come with the plate that would cover the three holes I currently have?

Yes this is solid brass constructed faucet with brushed nickel finish.
Only ABS part is the spray head.

Yes, the plate is included.

not directly most likely since it’s DC vs AC hardwire, but i’ve had luck in past converting battery power to dc adapter powered with some simple soldering. trick is make sure voltage is identical. not sure it is worth it for this though since the batteries are supposed to last a while.

I’ve always been curious. How far do the pull down faucets actually pull down? Is it like the sprayer that is often to the right? The ones in the store are always locked or something and move less than an inch.