FLOW Hands Free Motion Sensing Faucet

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FLOW Hands Free Motion Sensing Faucet
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we like this faucet. Be aware when you “turn” off the water there is a slight delay. Easy to use. Batteries are er humm under the sink which means when its time to replace them ill have to clear the area under the sink…it will work without batteries/snsor

We have had this a few months now and are still liking it. Seems well made. Installation is very easy. Taking my old faucet out was a pain though, which is done thing to consider. All in all if you need a faucet or just want one of these magic ones, I recommend it.

We installed ours about 6 months ago. Works great. If your supplies are more than about 18 inches from the hole in your countertop, you will need to go to Lowes for extenders for the supply lines because the ones built in to the faucet are about 20 inches long. I did not see them at Home Depot. This faucet is easy to install. The old one was a PIA to remove. Highly recommended especially at this price.

STILL love this faucet…NOT loving this price. Paid $149 and have seen as low as $129

Nothing but good things to say about this. I’ve had it since March and so far it works very well. I wish there was a way to control the flow rate and temperature hands free–maybe in version 2.0.

NOT for houses with curious cats!
You could end up with a horrendous water bill.

My comments will mimic everyone’s I’ve seen so far. Nice faucet, easiest faucet I’ve installed, old faucet was a pita to remove, but I knew it would be because I installed it too. I got mine for $150 from HD when it was their deal of the day. Their normal price is $235, not $699 which woot has posted as the list price. The brand of faucet is BioBidet, which is hard to find listed anywhere for some reason. One thing I was surprised about was that the base and faucet head are plastic, not metal. They look like metal and perfectly match the metal parts, so as long as they hold up it won’t be a problem. I expect they will hold up because everything else about the unit seems to be designed in a smart way.

Looks like the same thing at biobidet.com for $229. Where did they come up with $600??


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Thanks, I thought I was doing that but I was missing something. I know now what I was doing wrong.